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Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's With All the Free Books?

Some of you may have noticed, I've been giving away a lot of books on my blog lately. After my second installment of My Bookshelf Giveaway (still a few hours to enter, if you're interested), I was asked, "How have you possibly been able to read all of these ARC's so quickly?"

Well, the answer is, I haven't. I have read a few of them, but I have made a ton of author friends over the last year, and to be honest, my priority is to read their books at the moment. I'm buying books by my Class of 2k10 mates and Tenner mates as fast as I can, and my stack is growing way faster than I can read them! I would *like* to read many of the other ARC's from my bookshelf, but I know there are people out there who would practically cut off an arm to read some of these early, and I don't mind waiting and buying the books after they are out. I'd rather that than have them sit on my shelf unread until past the date of release.

When at Book Expo of America in May, I was fortunate to collect more advance copies of books than I could even dream of. Certainly more than I'm capable of reading before they come out! So I'm sharing the wealth, and plan to continue to do so as much as my mailing costs will allow :)

Another reason why I've been dishing out the free books is because it's a great way to start conversations. I absolutely LOVE reading your comments on different subjects and I hope you'll stop by for tomorrow's contest, when the subject will be genres and pseudonyms. Again, I will have some great giveaway books to go along with this discussion.

And my final reason for all these free books? To whet your appetite! I've been hard at work planning my online launch party for LOSING FAITH. It will start on September the 1st, right here, and my hope is that you'll continue to follow my rabbit trail of free books toward the even BIGGER prizes to come. The peeps at Simon Pulse are chipping in to make sure my online launch party is made of awesome. So I hope you'll stick around. And I hope you'll tell your friends about all that is happening and to come

In the meantime, gather your thoughts on pseudonyms and writing for different genres and I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Oh, thank you ! And I can't wait for your launch party :D


  2. Sounds like an interesting discussion for tomorrow! :)

  3. I love that you explained it, i like that you understand how much we love ARCs. Now I have officially decided Losing Faith is a must read for me because I really like your blog.