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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Would You Rather Wednesday

I had so much fun reading everyone's responses to the last Would You Rather Wednesday for writers and readers, I thought I'd try it again! Feel free to answer one of them or all of them, and I'll come back later to add my answers to the comments.

Would you rather...

1. Read a book full of cliches or a book that's so original it becomes unbelievable?

2. Write about something you already know, or something you want to know about?

3. Read a big book with lots of extra sensory details or a short and crisp book that leaves lots to the imagination?


  1. Hmm. Good questions. I have read a book that was so original it just got too weird and difficult to read. But even that is better than being bored. So #1 Unbelievable beats Cliche

    #2 I prefer to write what I know and read what I'd like to learn about.

    #3. I like details that create smell and atmosphere but in the case of the characters' appearance, I don't need to know every detail, the shape of their nostrils, etc. Ditto for buildings and decorating. Hit the highlights.

  2. This is so much fun, Denise. Thank you.
    1. I like to be surprised, but I also have to be able to believe, so I guess I'd have to say neither.

    2. I LOVE doing research, learning more about something I thought I already knew.

    3. One reason I prefer books to television is that a good story allows me the pleasure of a stimulated imagination. A great writer will give just enough sensory detail and description and leave the rest for the reader to fill in.

    Enjoy this beautiful day! Hope to see you soon.

  3. Good Questions!

    #1 I agree that imagination beats cliche every time, especially in sci-fi and supernatural. I can often set aside the unbelievable factor and just enjoy the "what if."

    #2 Even when I already know about something I still do more research. Either way, I enjoy learning more, but it helps that I only write about things I'm interested in.

    #3 Thank Goodness I read Tolkien and Anne Rice before I wrote my first book because becoming a writer has pretty much ruined lengthy narrative prose for me. I so appreciate it when an author captures the essence of the setting, moment, tone, or character in one perfect sentence. I also start cringing inside if an author spends more than one sentence on description, no matter how well it's written.

  4. Oops, I just realized I forgot to come back and answer my own questions! It's been interesting to read the answers here and on my LJ blog, though I admit, I'm going to go against the crowd here a bit...

    1. Cliche's don't really bother me. If I hadn't read "the rules" of writing, I'd be using them all the time. I think a cliche, if well-implemented, can be really fun. Even if I'm reading a book where the cliche's are not well implemented, I don't think they would bother me, especially if it's a good story with characters I like. I find the unbelievable stories more difficult to get into.

    2. I'd rather write about something I want to know about. I struggle with things I know about, because it's hard to be objective about how much you need to explain to the reader. Right now, I'm writing about a teen archer because I've always wanted to learn about archery.

    3. Definitely a short and crisp book. I fall asleep during details, especially extraneous ones.

  5. This is fun! :D

    1) I can't stand books where the plot is cliche. I want to be surprised! I also dislike cliche characters, but a few cliche moments here and there don't bother me too much. Overall, I would rather read something unbelievable.

    2) A mix. If I have to do too much research then I get discouraged but not enough and I get bored.

    3) I'd rather there too much detail than not enough.