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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Would You Rather Wednesday: Goals

In light of March Madness, I thought I'd direct our game toward the area of goals this week.

Remember, the only rule here is you're not allowed to say either or neither. You must pick one! I'll be back later with my own answers. Have fun!!

1. Would you rather...set too-lofty goals and fall short or set too-meager goals and surpass them?

2. Would you rather...keep your goals private with low-pressure, telling only one or two people, or share them with the whole world, thereby adding strong accountability and humiliation factor?

3. Would you rather...set three goals for the year and achieve them all, or set twenty goals for the year and achieve five of them?


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one up early this morning. Here are my first thoughts:

    1. Too-meager goals and surpass them. Less pressure, less disappointment.

    2. Share them with the whole world-- love the accountability.

    3.Three goals for the year and achieve them all. If I set twenty, I'd feel obligated to achieve twenty and kill myself doing so:-)

  2. 1. OK, I'm going to cheat here. I like to set goals that are a little more than I think I can reasonably do. Something I have to work hard at to achieve.

    2. I likewise love the accountability of sharing with others. March Madness has been GREAT for this!

    3. Cheating again, but I find I need to to revise my goals every couple of months. Not so much because I didn't keep them or swept through them, but because other exciting things came up or other projects came back needing attention. I work best with a 2-3 month goal plan in front of me, usually with 2-3 goals I'm working on! :-)

    PS Sorry for cheating.

  3. And to better answer without cheating this time ;-)

    1. Too-meager and surpass
    2. Share with the world
    3. Set 20 goals and achieve a few

  4. 1. Too lofty because I like to think big (and I can pick and choose)
    2. It depends what the goals are – sometimes they’re random/weird and I’d keep those private, but I like to be held accountable (yay March Madness!)
    3. 20 goals, hands down. I always make a ton of goals, but I don’t feel pressure to meet them all b/c I know that’d be impossible. I just like having something to work toward.

  5. 1. too lofty! I'm an optimist. That usually means I think I can do more than I really can. Also, it seems I ALWAYS do this anyway.

    2. Sharing them. Like you said, it helps with accountability. There is no humiliation factor for me though. If I don't meet the goals, I don't meet them. I'm not ashamed.

    3. Actually, probably 3. But only because I have a good handle of what I can do in a year's time.

  6. Wow, lots of variety in these!

    Here are my answers:
    1. I set too lofty of goals. My problem is, I usually achieve them anyway, and everything else in my life goes to heck because of it!

    2. Tell everybody who will listen! I love accountability, and that's why I love March Madness so, so much!

    3. I set a plethora of goals, and I often achieve more than I actually think I will. I usually include some crazy just-for-fun ones, and every year I "accidentally" achieve at least one of those!