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Monday, April 18, 2011

April Check-In! #wipmadness

Well, it's the 18th, my deadline day, and I'm almost done this revision! I should be done it in the next couple of hours and send it off to my editor. Very happy about that!

I've been thinking about my goals for the rest of the month. My next *should* project is a proposal my agent and I have been working on. It's not that I don't want to work on this, but it's just that I have another project I want to work on more. Remember that bright, shiny new project that tried to distract me in the third week of March Madness? Well, it's still nagging at me. So I've decided I want to give it a week to fester in my mind. I'll allow myself to brainstorm a bunch of notes, and then I hope by next Monday I'll have gotten it out of my system for the time being and can get back to work on my proposal.

How about you? I've seen on Twitter that many of you are making great word count milestones! Congratulations! Have your goals been staying pretty consistent on one project through April then? I want to hear all the deets!


  1. Woo hoo, go Denise! I'm still doing revisions, trying to cut words, yet the count keeps slowly rising. Eek! I hit a wall for a few days and got behind on my cpt a day goal, but I think I'm back on track.

  2. Woohoo...go, Denise! And Yay, Jennifer. Way to smash that wall! I made some decent progress last week, a little low on the word count but big on the epiphany factor. Had a great breakthrough that ought to make this WIP really kick some bootie. Here's to a great week!

  3. Congrats, Denise! That is fantastic!

    It's been nice seeing people's updates on twitter too, but I love these Monday checkins. So glad you're both on track, Jennifer and Mary Ann. :-)

    I am loving wipmadness - it is helping me stay on track sooo much. I'm at 60 out of 100 pages to revise, and I think I'll be able to power through the rest during May (that's my plan anyway). I can already see that my ms is much stronger from what I've done, so this was necessary!

    Have a great week, everyone!

  4. Hi all - sorry I haven't been checking in here, but you've seen me tweeting. My WIP is on track at 48.1K as of this a.m. I really hope to finish drafting by the end of the month or the first week of May. Though that may be overly ambitious.

    I've been slowed down because I had a full request on a previous manuscript and I asked the agent for a few days to give it a last prowl through. Agent graciously told me they'd be out of town for a couple of weeks and to take my time. I'm making good progress on that, but doing both at once is a little hair tearing. I considered stopping work on the WIP, but I'm worried about losing momentum, so have just been writing a little bit every day, even if it's only a couple of hundred words. I do have it plotted out to the end now so that helps.

    And Denise, thanks to March Madness and April Madness, I've hooked up with a new crit partner - very cool. So you're a match maker as well as inspirer! Go you!

  5. Congrats, Denise. Maybe you can celebrate by going outside and building a snowauthor?

    Had a blast at the SCBWI Western Washington Conference. Got to be all fan girl over Emily Jenkins (E. Lockhart) this weekend. She gave me really helpful feedback on my brand new WIP.

    In the meantime, I also received super positive feedback from my agent on my latest revision, so I've got to finish that up this week.

    And did I mention it's SNOWING REALLY HARD. Glad Mondays are pajama days.

    Congrats everyone on keeping the momentum going. You're an inspiration!

  6. Wow you guys are ON IT!! Way to go. I'm learning a ton just from reading your goals, goal revisions and challenges etc.

    I'm still on the slow and steady track but as Jro pointed out, that's better than stuck.

    My goal this week was to "get a goal"! I wanted to identify a realistic word count to hold myself to and it is itty bitty but I found it. I'm shooting for 1000wds a week. So maybe I'll have to start tweeting now.

    Thanks for hosting this each Monday.

  7. i'm still going a little bonkers waiting for feedback - multiple people had told me FOR SURE this weekend. i'm still waiting ... i'd sure love to hook up with a CP here. i've tried a couple times on message boards but they haven't been good matches. i write middle grade (and have been a playwright and playwriting teacher for fifteen years, so i'm no newb to writing and feedback), so let me know if anyone wants to be my matchmaker!

    but anyway, i decided the only way not to lose my mind was to focus on the shiny new idea and i got 3000 words into the first draft this week. i'm totally in love with it!!!

    i don't tweet. i've got an account, mostly to look at a few agent feeds, and i find it totally irritating. i don't want to know what color nail polish you're trying. should i give it another chance?

  8. * Bravo, Denise! Glad you met your goal!

    Well, it's been slow-going for me throughout the month. Some days I meet my word count and sometimes I don't. I think self-doubt and just plain fear occasionally hold me back from going on with my story with confidence. But, I made a promise to myself today to finish up my revisions by early June, at the latest. I have to since I have to submit it, along with an application for an intense writing workshop.

    Thanks for the check-in! Best wishes to everybody for a productive week.

  9. Congrats on getting that revision done, Denise! I'm at 7K in my WIP, which is on track with my 10K goal for the month. However, I forgot that my kids have back to back spring breaks starting this week, so we'll see what I can get done writingwise. See you on Twitter!

  10. I'm not sure how I missed this again ... but I am checking in.

    This past week I have been working on the ending, which feels like it's taking forever. I made some decent progress, but it wasn't all peaches and cream. I also had to stop and make some fixes that couldn't be set aside until the end. I've been wrestling with whether or not I even want to submit anything for the contest or if I want to just get my WIP finished. Last month I did choose a contest and I won it, so there's an incentive ... but gah, my life has been extra busy of late. But this is the definition of a bright shiny, isn't it?

    Congratulations on finishing your edits!