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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Four

1. I just got back from Sunny Sacramento...sunny being the key word there. Where IS our sunshine, by the way? I had a great time away. Spent one very long day tabulating a bodybuilding competition (my husband was a judge). In between categories, I replotted my current WIP, so it was also a useful day! Besides that, I toured San Francisco and spent lots of time relaxing by the pool. It was exactly what I needed.

2. I had a birthday yesterday...a little sad, since it's my first birthday without my dad. But I was seriously completely overwhelmed by all the birthday messages yesterday. They did make me feel very loved, so thank you all!

3. My family gave me an enormous set of cutlery (you should see my mish-mashed selection, sans teaspoons!) and also some money toward an e-reader. I've been asking on Twitter for e-reader recommendations, but I also wanted to ask here. Do you have a favorite? And why do you love the one you love? I definitely want a black and white one with e-ink, since I really need something easy on the eyes, but I'm not sure what else is important to me yet. What is important to you in an e-reader?

4. I may have mentioned this last week, but this coming Sunday I'll be in Snohomish, WA. If you're in the area, I hope you'll stop by the KlaHaYa Days festival and say hi to me and Mindi Scott (We'll both be hanging around chatting and signing books from 3-4 PM).

I can't believe it's the weekend! Coming back from holidays on a Wednesday night and then having a birthday is totally where it's at! This has felt like one very, very long weekend!! What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Apparently you can't down load lib books on a kindle, but you can on a nook--if that makes a difference to you.

  2. Heya Denise. Happy Birthday. Keep happy and make it a good one. As far as Kindle vs Nook, that's something I've been playing with as well. Been doing a lot of research. Elle is right about the library thing, but Amazon is changing that soon so I wouldn't let that worry you too much. The new Nook is supposed to be awesome if you don't need all the bells and whistles, such as games or text to voice, etc... The Kindle lets you add sound files and audiobooks, though, while the Nook has no audio output. Personally, if all I wanted it for was reading, the new Nook is the way I would go. I like the fact that it uses ePub files which you can buy from anywhere (except Amazon) rather than the proprietary Amazon only Kindle files. If you ever want to buy something other than a Nook, it's no problem with your old books. With the Kindle, your books are Kindle only. Also, I've heard that some books aren't available in Canada on the Kindle store, so you might want to check that.

    Also keep in mind that new Kindles are coming in October, so you might want to hold off just a tad.