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Friday, October 28, 2011

How to Write a Logline

Over the weekend at the Surrey Writers' Conference, one of the most useful things I took home was a simple formula of how to write a logline, courtesy of Luke Ryan from Disruption Entertainment.

During his workshop, he had the ability to make so much of the screenwriting and targeting your audience processes seem so easy. I don't have much time to blog today, so thought I'd pass along his formula.

Fill in the blanks from your work in progress (and if you can't easily fill in the blanks, perhaps that will point you to a potential problem or an area of your manuscript you can make stronger).

I'm interested to hear if you think this is as useful as I do!

Luke's Logline Formula:

____________________ (Main Character) sets out to ___________________________________________________(achieve a goal) but runs into ___________________________________________________(unexpected or sometimes ironic obstacle) and must
__________________________________________________(grow in a way to triumph or face certain doom.)


  1. Oh--a logline is almost an elavator pitch, or at least a way of summarizing action.

    Yes, I do think this is useful, and when I get to the point where I'm assessing my wip, I think I will apply it.

  2. Fabulous formula!! Sharing it! Thx.

  3. That's extremely helpful. It's tough to boil 68,000 words or more into one sentence!

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