Friday, May 18, 2012

From My Mailbox

During the last week, I've woken up to some wonderful things in my inbox (a bonus of living on the West Coast - or a drawback when it's bad news). There are a few things that I can't share quite yet, but this morning I received a note and some fan art for Losing Faith that I'd love to share today. This totally made my whole week...

Dear Ms. Jaden,

            Hi my name is Kaylie I am one of the many students of (blocking out the school name). We are constantly reading assigned book that are lame and lurpy, so when we got a chance to pick a book I immediately picked a book I knew I would enjoy.  I have recently read you book Losing Faith, and I absolutely loved it! Your book was interesting, funny and exciting and I would, and am reading it again.  Others my age and I have connected in this book in different levels.  This book will forever remain in my mind as one of the best books I have ever read. Thank you for writing it and also taking the time to read this.


Kaylie :) 

And here is the WONDERFUL picture that came with it:

Thanks so much, Kaylie!


  1. I don't know about yours, but my heart swelled on your behalf. ^_^