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Monday, August 13, 2012

Frogs and Other Loud Workshop Interruptions

I spent the weekend out in the middle of nowhere. Okay, I'm actually a bit of a wimp. There was gravity-pulled running water from a creek. There was also enough electricity to host several bands.

I, of course, forgot to take pictures of any of that stuff, but here's a picture of the serenity I was surrounded by all weekend. I was at a music festival where I was teaching a workshop on writing. It went very well, except, as you'll see by the subject, for the very loud (but tiny) frog that was hanging around. Seriously, though, he was pretty cute! I swear, I find myself in the oddest situations.

As I mentioned on Twitter, my first day without phone and Internet was akin to a detox--I was practically getting the shakes every time I thought of my useless iPhone. By day two, though, I was so completely relaxed. I say this every time I'm forced into a place with no electronics, but I tend to forget: I need to do this more often.

To compound my technology fast, I pulled out my laptop (which has an 8-hour battery) to work on revising a chapter of my novel. I'd gotten through most of a chapter when my Microsoft Word problem started doing weird things, and eventually shut down, not saving my work.

I sweated over this for about an hour. Then I decided to read a good book (which I ended up reading from start to finish). I'm happy to report that I came home a much less-stressed person!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Do you ever take forced breaks from technology? Let me say this one more time: I NEED TO DO THIS MORE OFTEN!


  1. So glad your weekend went well, despite the frog and the first day technology detox! Though your MS Word problem sounds very frustrating. I hope you get it figured out soon.

  2. Happy to hear you had a good time in the woods with the frogs. I was technology free for most of my trip and loved it! Hope to catch up soon. ^_^

  3. I've wanted to take a tech break, but just can't bring myself to do it! Sadly, I think i'd go insane!