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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday Four. Kind of.

Real quick, and I'm posting a little early, because I'm running around crazily trying to get ready to go away for the weekend.

Anyone else going to the Surrey International Writers Conference? I'll be there with bells on, and I'd love to meet you if you're there too. Please say hi and introduce yourself by your blogger name or twitter handle or however I might know you. If you read my blog, we must have a drink or a coffee or a lunch together!

This last few weeks has been a whirlwind of activity. With a last bout of sunshine, I ended up quickly painting my garage doors (which needed it in the worst way) and breaking them in the process. Oops.

I've also been busy homeschooling, getting ready for NaNo, and also getting my son ready to do NaNo. Any other NaNo-ers out there?

I should hopefully be back with notes from the conference, but you can always watch me on Twitter, as I'll be sure to tweet using the tag #SIWC2012.

And finally, while I'm away this weekend, this is what will be happening at my house:

Yes, we're attempting to toilet train our little kitty, Indy. This is the state our toilet is in today, the first day, so I admit, I'm kinda glad to be gone for the next few messy days. To my husband, I say, "LOLOLOLOL!" (Thankfully he does not read my blog.)

It's rainy here, so I'll be glad to be inside a conference room this weekend. How about you? Any big plans getting crazy Halloween costumes ready or anything? (I'm still deciding on mine).

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. We tried to toilet train a kitty once. Peed in the toilet. Pooed in the tub. Just sayin'

    Have a blast in Surrey.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you, Denise! :)

    And...toilet training a cat?! Really? Wow, good luck to your hubby, LOL.

  3. Good luck with the cat :) and have fun at the conference!

  4. Oh. Wow. Speechless.
    Good luck with that one!
    And have a blast at conference.