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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Would You Rather Wednesday!

I totally did not realize it was Wednesday until just this second! (This is what happens when you homeschool with a flexible schedule). Three quick questions for today. I look forward to your answers, and will be back with mine later...

1. Would you rather read a book that is extremely funny or one that is achingly good but sad?

2. Would you rather read a book that scares the pants off of you or watch a movie that scares the pants off of you? (remember, you must pick one or the other!)

3. Would you rather read a book that keeps you entertained from start to finish, or read one that has dull spots, but also has some extremely insightful moments?


  1. 1. funny--there's enough sadness in the world already.

    2. read--easier to put it down and walk away as needed. I can also control the mental images. (I know I had to choose, but in truth I wouldn't do either. I don't enjoy being frightened.)

    3. entertained from start to finish. Call me shallow. It's okay.

    Denise, I love that you post these "rathers." You are amazingly creative well beyond your writing talent.

    1. Aw, thanks for your kind words, Bonnie!

  2. 1. Very mood driven. Today = funny.
    2. Definitely a book. Imagination is WAY scarier than movie and I love scary!
    3. Also mood driven. Today = entertained.

  3. 1. Good, but sad.
    2. Read (I can imagine it as less scary when it's not jumping off the screen at me)
    3. I think it depends on HOW insightful. Like, I found the beginning of Grapes of Wrath so boring, but the book overall is moving. I've read other books that had a moment that choked me up, but otherwise I didn't feel connected.

  4. 1. Definitely mood driven: today, it's funny.
    2. Read. I have good internal book anti-scariness filters. :)
    3. I enjoy being entertained, but it's a mood thing.

    What a fun post! Glad I came to visit today :)

  5. Thanks for playing, everyone! I find it really enjoyable to read everyone else's answers. Here are mine...

    1. I'd take the good but sad. I love a funny book too, but if I had to pick...

    2. I'd read. I'm pathetic at watching scary movies. I cover my face with a pillow through practically the whole thing.

    3. I'd pick the insightful book. My favorite kind of book is one that makes me think, or challenges my ways of thinking, and if I have to wade through some boring bits to get there, so be it.

  6. 1) Funny!
    2) Hmm... I scare easily so I'd usually say neither, but I guess the book since I never make it through horror movies.
    3) Probably entertained throughout the whole thing. Unless it interests me I basically have the attention span of a gold fish so if it doesn't entertain me I might not make it to those insightful moments.

  7. 1. Funny. Even if I laugh out loud and people around me look at me weird.

    2. I don't do scary. Like, ever. But if I *have* to choose (this is a cruel question ;)), a book may be more entertaining though I'd rather do movie since I can cover my eyes/ears.

    3. Entertained start to finish.

  8. 1. Right now I'd say funny for sure.
    2. Scary movie. It's over faster, and then I forget about them. Books linger!
    3. And right now, I'd have to say Exciting.