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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cover Reveal! FALLING FOR ALICE Anthology!

We have an awesome group of bloggers helping us celebrate our unbirthday, while celebrating our publisher's actual birthday by helping us reveal the beautifully striking new cover of FALLING FOR ALICE, the anthology where you'll find my story, WHITE RABBIT Rx, plus some other awesome and engaging stories by Dawn Dalton, Shari Green, Kitty Keswick, and Cady Vance!

Because I want to give our blogger friends a chance to reveal the cover first (plus, if you look carefully, you may find our new book trailer on some of their reveal posts!) I've decided to only share a little glimpse of the cover here on my blog.

To see the rest, and to find out more about this anthology, releasing April 24th... please visit one (or all!) of the following blogs:

Girls in the Stacks - 

And a very happy unbirthday to all of you!

(P.S. Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter below to win a copy of FALLING FOR ALICE!)
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Out Today: Remember by Eileen Cook!

Eileen is thrilled to announce that her book REMEMBER hits shelves February 24, 2015.

About the Book: A thrilling tale about what a girl will do to get back a memory she lost…or remove what she wants to forget. Harper is used to her family being hounded by protestors. Her father runs the company that trademarked the “Memtex” procedure to wipe away sad memories, and plenty of people think it shouldn’t be legal. Then a new demonstrator crosses her path, Neil, who’s as persistent as he is hot. Not that Harper’s noticing, since she already has a boyfriend. When Harper suffers a loss, she’s shocked her father won’t allow her to get the treatment, so she finds a way to get it without his approval. Soon afterward, she’s plagued with strange symptoms, including hallucinations of a woman who is somehow both a stranger, yet incredibly familiar. Harper begins to wonder if she is delusional, or if these are somehow memories. Together with Neil, who insists he has his own reasons for needing answers about the real dangers of Memtex, Harper begins her search for the truth. What she finds could uproot all she’s ever believed about her life…

 “Compelling combination of twisty mystery and realistic romance." (Cat Patrick, author of FORGOTTEN and JUST LIKE FATE)

Interview with Eileen:
Where did the idea for Remember come from?
 I’d read an article about some scientific experiments being done with memory. The scientists were looking for a way to reduce the difficulty war veterans have with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It occurred to me if people could get rid of very traumatic memories, there would also be a market for people who wanted to get rid of all sorts of memories. I began to wonder what types of things might go wrong once you begin messing around with someone’s memory. It can be relatively easy to confuse what is a real memory from what someone might tell you happened. What if something you were sure was true, suddenly seemed to be uncertain, possibly a lie? Once all these questions were swirling around in my head I knew I had a book- all I had to do is write it!

If the Memtex procedure existed is there any memory you would like to forget?
I think everyone has some memories they would like to forget, but even the difficult ones have shaped who I am so I’d have to hang on to them.

Tell us a behind the scenes story about writing the book.
I decided that I wanted the main character to ride horses competitively- a subject I know nothing about. I was lucky enough to have two close friends who grew up riding and were able to share all sorts of details and were willing to read early drafts to make sure I had things correct. Now I know more about saddles than I ever expected.

What are you working on now?
It’s a thriller that involves Italy, a possible murder and two best friends who may be enemies. There’s nothing better than writing a book that includes a research trip to Rome, Venice and Tuscany. I ate my weight in pasta, took thousands of pictures and wrote pages and pages of notes.

Link to contest info: 

Monday, February 16, 2015

MARCH MADNESS Writing, Reading, and Blogging Challenge! #WIPMadness

It’s almost March and time for an Almost-Nano Challenge! If you have a writing project you’re ready to start, or a work in progress you’re ready to finish, come and join the fun. Accountability is our main aim and the more support we have, the easier it will be to sail on through the month of March, bouncing along on each others successes!

And, like last year, we're opening up March Madness to readers who want to challenge themselves to read more, bloggers who want to challenge themselves to blog more, and illustrators who want to challenge themselves to illustrate more! Basically, anything to do with books!

And did I mention there will be PRIZES? Prizes will not be awarded based on how much you write, read, draw, or blog, but simply on how involved you are in the Big Accountability Plan. There will be check-in points most days throughout the month of March. Each time you check in and record your progress, your name will be entered into a draw for some great prizes, donated by our fabulous blog hosts, including some high demand advance copy books, audiobooks, and a writer's survival kit! And not only that, but the more you encourage others along the way (in the comments), the more times your name will go into the hat!

Spread the word, and check out Sunday, March 1st, to put your goals officially in writing and find out the locations of the check-in points. If you’re ready to get serious, don’t do it alone…Get serious with us!

Now is the time to be setting your Ambitious Goals for the month of March! (Trust me, you will be able to accomplish much more than you normally would with the added camaraderie and support, so don't be afraid to set the bar a little higher.) If you haven't already, start meeting up with us on Twitter under the hashtag #WIPMadness .

Please spread the word about this Challenge. There will be lots to win throughout the month and the more support we have, the better all of our goals will go this month!  If you're interested in being a blog host for one day per week through the month of March, please let me know. We still have room for a couple more hosts!

So check back in here March 1st. If you're such a proud participant that you want to let everyone know, grab the March Madness badge from below, and put it somewhere prominent.

#Wipmadness Participant!

Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier! Let's march into March like the mad group of writers we are!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Heartbreakers Blog Tour!

From quality self-published and small presses to traditional publishers, debut novels to bestsellers, we’re offering access to amazing contemporary young adult and new adult fiction authors. This February, fourteen writers will embark on a heart-stopping blog tour that will hook readers up with great reads and cool SWAG.

Grand Prize GIVEAWAY: one lucky winner will receive a free Kindle, as well as a $20 Amazon gift card. That's a ton of heartbreaking reads... ;)

Who can resist a heartbreaker?


Participating Authors: 

Eileen Cook: Remember (Simon Pulse, 2015)
D.G. Driver: Passing Notes (Fire and Ice, 2015)
Laurie J. Edwards: writing as Erin Johnson. Grace and the GuiltlessWanted Series (Curious Fox, 2014)
Janet Gurtler: The Truth About Us (Sourcebooks Fire, 2015)
Sara HantzWill The Real Abi Saunders Please Stand Up (Entangled Teen, 2014)
Brenda HiattStarfall (Dolphin Star Press, 2015)
Denise JadenForeign Exchange (Evernight Teen, 2014)
Jen McConnelHer Secret Inheritance (Bloomsbury Spark, 2014)
Judith TewesMy Soon to be Sex Life (Bloomsbury Spark, 2014)
Ashley PostonThe Sound of Us (Bloomsbury Spark, 2014)
Dawn IusAnne and Henry (Simon Pulse, 2015)
Shari GreenFollowing Chelsea (Evernight Teen, 2014)
Vanessa BarneveldThis is Your Afterlife (Bloomsbury Spark, 2014)
LS MurphyReaper (J Taylor Publishing, 2013), Pixelated (Bloomsbury Spark, 2015)

Participating Bloggers:

Reading is My Treasure
YA Yeah! Yeah!
A Glass of Wine (Where I'm featured on Monday!)
Little Library Muse (Where I'm featured on Wednesday!)
Tales of Yesterday
The Reader Bee (Where I'm featured on Tuesday!)
Words of Mystery


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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Romance is in the Air Giveaway Hop!

 Romance is in the Air Giveaway Hop
Featuring Young Adult & Clean Adult Romance
February 4th to 14th

Who doesn't love a good romance? Follow along this Blog Hop, hosted by I Am A Reader Not A Writer to find (and win!) some great new romances!

Enter the Rafflecopter below to enter to win a digital copy of my newest YA Romance/Mystery. Fans of Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins 
will love Foreign Exchange!

Jamie Monroe has always played it safe. That is, until her live-for-the-moment best friend, Tristan, jets off to Italy on a student exchange program. Left alone with her part-time mother and her disabled brother, Jamie discovers that she is quite capable of taking her own risks, starting with her best friend’s hotter-than-hot older brother, Sawyer. 

Sawyer and Tristan have been neighbors for years, but as Jamie grows closer to the family she thought she knew, she discovers some pretty big secrets—not only from her, but from each other. As she sinks deeper into their web of pretense, she suspects that her best friend may not be on a safe exchange program at all. Jamie sets off to Europe on a class trip with plans to meet up with Tristan, but when Tristan stops all communication, suddenly no one seems trustworthy, least of all the one person she was starting to trust—Sawyer.

What People Are Saying About Foreign Exchange:

"Denise Jaden's newest novel, FOREIGN EXCHANGE, is a must read for contemporary YA fans. The characters leap off the pages and readers will furiously turn pages to keep up with the fast pace and intriguing premise. Definitely add a copy of Foreign Exchange to the top of your reading list."
Janet Gurtler, Rita Finalist and Best Selling Author of I'm Not Her

“I loved the well-drawn relationships in Foreign Exchange – the tension between Jamie and her mother, Jamie’s tenderness with disabled brother Eddy and especially the intense chemistry between Jamie and Sawyer. Their off-limits attraction and the increasingly dangerous hunt for his sister had me racing through the final chapters.”
~ Jen Nadol, author of The Mark, The Vision, and This is How it Ends

"Foreign Exchange takes you on a thrilling ride through the exotic streets of Europe into the dark side of the fashion world. Our charming heroine will stop at nothing to save her best friend. A sweet dose of romance keeps it light."
~ Lee Strauss - author of The Minstrel Series

"Foreign Exchange is a fresh contemporary YA that will keep readers compulsively turning pages until the very end. Combining international intrigue with a steamy forbidden romance makes for a can’t miss read."
~ Eileen Cook, author of Year of Mistaken Discoveries

"A pitch perfect voice and delicious chemistry between the characters kept me turning those pages!"
~ Tara Kelly, author of Amplified and Encore

"Foreign Exchange is heart pounding and suspenseful...the teenage dream of escaping the boredom of suburbia by travelling Europe and spending quality time with a hot guy shifts into a dangerous nightmare."
~ D.R. Graham, author of Rank and the Noir et Bleu MC series.

"Denise Jaden is a force to be reckoned with! I loved her new book so much. This one is a thrill ride with full realized, lovable characters, and a refreshingly unique premise."
~ Rachel Shane, author of the upcoming Alice in Wonderland High

Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter below, and then follow the Linky to the next stop on the blog hop!

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Monday, February 2, 2015

NEWS!!! Falling for Alice in Wonderland!

I'm super excited to announce Vine Leaves Press will publish my short story, WHITE RABBIT Rx, in an anthology of stories inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The original Alice in Wonderland is celebrating 150 years this year, and what a book to launch a short story from, chocked full of symbolism and thematic elements!

I can't wait for you to read the brilliant work of my co-authors Kitty Keswick, Dawn Dalton, Shari Green, and Cady Vance, who all take you through trippy rides down the rabbit holes of time and space.

FALLING FOR ALICE launches April 24, 2015! Breathtaking cover reveal coming soon!

(Bloggers - Interested in helping with this cover reveal? Please get in touch with me at d(at)denisejaden(com))