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Friday, March 10, 2017

March Madness, Week 2 - How's Progress?

Have you kept up with your writing so far this month? Have you started something new, or are you plugging away at an older project, determined to get it finished this month? Or, like me, have you gotten a little distracted through the first ten days of March?

I started well, determined to do a little writing every day, whether I felt motivated for it or not. I knew I would be getting edits for a different project this month, but I wasn't sure exactly when. I have not received my edits yet, however, I did receive a heads up of some research I would need to do along with my edits, and also the (very tight) schedule for returning my edited manuscript. So all of this is to say that I HAVE been working, very hard in fact. But mostly on research and I did let my original March project wane a little.

The truth is, research makes me grumpy and creative writing is actually the only cure I've found for grumpiness (that or a glass of wine). This week I plan to get rid of the grumpy, and do a little creative writing on my March project Every. Single. Day. You heard me. It's in writing now.

How about you? How's your progress? What are the well-thought-out excuses you're ready to give me for why your progress has been less than expected?

Or...feel free to brag if you're right on track. The rest of us will look up to you in awe, and follow in your dedicated footsteps!

Onward, March writers...