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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guest Post: The 4-1-1 on Writer's Block by Sonia Chopra

I've been working with Sonis Chopra on getting set up on a new writer's platform called Penned (you can download the app through your iPhone/iPad. It looks like a great app, though I haven't had much time to play around on it yet. Sonia offered to write a guest post for writers who follow my blog and since I'm always happy to get insight from other writers, I'm excited to share this with you...

The 4-1-1 on Writer’s Block
by Sonia Chopra

If you’re a writer, you’re no stranger to writer’s block. In fact, he may be your best friend. It happens to the best of us, and can be rather frustrating… Only making things worse.

So how can we politely ask this friend to leave? What are some ways to prevent him from staying too long? From personal experience, I have found some of the most effective ways to combat the enemy, are seemingly silly and even more frustrating. But in reality, I can promise you that at least one of these will ease the writing woes and kick your friend onto the curb of uninvited house-guests.

1.     Step away… Step away from your work. Put it out of sight, and out of mind for a mere fifteen minutes.  Try to direct your attention to another project or task that involves creativity.. Get those creative wheels oiled up again!
2.     Just Dance. It’ll Be Okay. Doo-doo-doo. Just Dance. I’m serious. Yes this is a famous lyric from Lady Gaga… but it’s the truth. Crank up some music (maybe “Just Dance” perhaps?), and get your body moving. This helps ease the stress and frustration of writer’s block, while allowing your mind to have fun in a creative and active way.. You never know.. A song lyric could even inspire you!
3.     Desk. Bed. Desk. Do you always write in the same place? It’s time to switch it up!!! The normal routine setting may just be inspiring normal and routine thoughts.. But no anymore! Go sit outside at your local park, coffee shop, or even in a different room of your house (if you are that lazy).  The change of scenery sparks a change of ideas within our brain.
4.     Exchange Ideas. View Other’s Work. Get inspired by the thoughts and feedback of others. Post your ideas or what you have so far on forums or apps such as PennedApp (a social media platform for writers, that allows readers to like, comment, and share their work). View what professionals and everyday writers are working on… Humans live to inspire other humans!
Whatever you do, just remember that writer’s block is temporary. It’s a mal-function, like when wheels run out of oil and must come to a halt. All that is needed is a little oil (these tips), and they’ll get to spinning again, promise! 

About the Author: Sonia Chopra is a newly graduated student from UCLA, working with founder Brian Sanders on Penned: The new platform for writers. While she spends most of her time working for a startup in Hollywood, she also enjoys reading up on aspiring indie authors, modeling, freelance writing, and being a celebrity publicist. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

YA Book Trailers

I admit, I love trailers, whether for new movies or new books. My husband and I try to get to the theater early so we won't miss the previews. I love a trailer that properly sets the mood for a movie or a book.

Here's a trailer for one of my GCC mate's new book:

Like I said, the most important thing for me is that a trailer properly sets the mood. I'm busy working on a trailer for FOREIGN EXCHANGE. I love working on my own trailers to try and capture the mood I'm looking for. I'm curious, what is the most important thing for you when watching a trailer for a movie or book?