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Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Five!

1. It's almost been THREE MONTHS since I've posted anything on here. I would not be surprised if I no longer have any readers, but if I do...HI! (*waves frantically*)

2. I have been quite busy working in the film industry this summer, mostly background acting work, but my son has also had some exciting specialty roles, including playing a monster (for which he needed over four hours of makeup application) and he starred in his first commercial!

3. I have recently gotten a continuity job on a show that films until December. The best part of this job? It has an indoor holding area which is safe and I can bring my computer! So I am anticipating getting lots of new writing done over the next three months.

4. In new book may remember my mentioning a new book coming out this year. Well, there has been lots of back and forth on dates, but I finally have the official word. AVALANCHE will be released from Leap Books on November 21st of this year! I'm very excited to share this book with the world.

5. And...what would a book be without an awesome cover? October 21st, Leap Books plans to share the cover for AVALANCHE! If you want to be a part of revealing this cover somewhere on the Internet, please let me know.

That's about all I can think of for the new news of my life. I'm working at getting back into the homeschooling saddle this week. Also, wishing a very happy birthday to my mom today, and a very happy book birthday to my good writer friend, Shari Green - whose fabulous new verse novel ROOT BEER CANDY AND OTHER MIRACLES is out today.

How about you? What have I missed this summer?