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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Four - My Ever-Exciting Life

1. I haven't been around in a while, but believe me, it's not because I have had nothing to talk about! My life has been a blur. Last week, this happened...

That's the gym where my husband used to work. Um, yeah. It was gutted by fire, and we've been very sad for the owners of the business, but that has also meant big changes for us. We're hoping the dust, so to speak, will settle soon.

2. It was also a difficult week for my family, as it would have been my dad's birthday as well as my parent's anniversary. They say that all the "firsts" are the most difficult, but the nice thing is our family is sticking really close together through these hard times. It would have been my parents' 47th wedding anniversary, which I think is awe-inspiring. I hope to follow in their footsteps.

3. I still don't have a cover to show you on book 2, but I'll say it again...SOON! In the mean time, I've been revising my outline for the companion novel I'm working on for LOSING FAITH. I'm looking for someone with some experience writing mysteries to look over the outline for me when I'm done. Any takers???

4. I finally got my contract in the mail for my second book. It's been in negotiations for many months. I've spent many hours looking over all the small print (all 15 pages of it!) because I want to understand more about the business. This is how it describes NEVER ENOUGH - A teen novel about a girl who idolizes her older (bulimic) sister. Ages 14 and up.

The part that made me laugh out loud (again) is this:

Not sure if you can read that or not, but if not, it says: Theme Park Rights - Reserved by Author.

Yes, to be honest, I would way rather have a theme park designed after one of my books than foreign languages, audio editions, or even a movie. I love theme parks. And when I told my agent about my excitement over this clause, this was her response: "Hmmm, the NEVER ENOUGH theme park. Where...all the rides induce vomiting after you eat!"

I love my agent.

Happy weekend to you all!!


  1. I worked with Jim Coggins, he's in abbotsford and a writter. You can google him, if you contact him, let him know I sent you ;) Lots of Love!

  2. "all the rides induce vomiting"... ahaha! Great theme park, lol. Glad to hear you have contract in hand now. I've heard of others whose contracts have been in negotiations for "many months" -- surprising how long it can take!

    Hugs to you as you deal with those difficult firsts. It's so good your family is close....

  3. Denise, if there's any little bit of help I can give, happy to do it!