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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Artwork is Such an Honor!

The other night I had the pleasure of speaking to an absolutely wonderful group of writers in the Western Washington SCBWI group. My topic was With a Heavy Heart: Writing Grief in Fiction. It was a great night, and I will have plenty to share on the subject when I can get my notes together, but for now I just wanted to share something with you that was truly an honor for me.

There's something about bringing the arts together that warms my heart. With the first book I wrote (yet to be published) my best friend did a painting to go with the book. It meant so much to me, I can't even tell you (and I'll certainly share it, if I can ever get that book in shape enough to publish it!) With my launch of my first published novel, a good friend of mine wrote a song entitled Losing Faith to go with it. I've also had the opportunity to see fan-made trailers and recreated covers to go with Losing Faith. When my art inspires other art, I love it. All of it!

On Tuesday night I received a whole new honor at the SCBWI meeting. One of the organizers who is also a picture book author and illustrator, Dana Sullivan, made up a huge banner with a caricature of myself and the other presenter. It was in black and white at the event, but he just send me the color version which is EVEN MORE COOL! I just had to share it. Thanks so much, Dana!


  1. What a cool banner. I think it is great that your books have such a connenction to your friends and important people in your life (paintings, songs). Congrats!


  2. Oh, that's so cool! :)

    I would've loved to be there for your presentation. The book I'm revising right now deals a great deal with grief.

    1. I would have loved it if you could've been there too, Shari. I hope to put out some notes on my presentation...sometime. haha.

  3. Love the banner! What talented friends you have :)

  4. so cool! You've been caricatured. :)