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Sunday, March 29, 2015

March Madness Check-in 29 - #WIPMadness - It's Nearly Over?

So sorry about yesterday's missing post!  There was some technical difficulties over on Dawn's blog. No one used that as an excuse to slack off,  right? 

I cannot believe the month is almost over! I'm happy to report that I've seen lots of positive comments about goal attacking and completion around the hosting blogs and on Twitter. To that, I say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

And even if you haven't completed your goals? Guess what? You're still here!!! You ARE diligent. You ARE committed. You ARE going to succeed in life--even if you didn't make your exact goals, your diligence will pay off in your future, I promise. 

We have loved having you here with us, and you've been an integral part of OUR processes. I honestly would not have set such lofty goals (and very nearly completed them) if it weren't for all of your participation in March Madness this year. And to that I say: CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU!

As for me, I am so close I can taste my goal! I've been working super hard all week, and will keep this short so I can get back to it. I hope to tie it up before the 31st. How about you? If you don't think you'll reach your goals, did you get more done this month than you would have without this challenge?

I still have prizes to give away, and I admit, with all my crazy hard work this week, I lost track a little of giving much away. If you have taken part in March Madness and have not received a prize yet, would you mind making my life just a little bit easier and emailing me at d(at)denisejaden(dot)com, and I will make sure you get something fabulous to celebrate your participation. 

I want to send out a HUGE ENORMOUS HEARTFELT THANK YOU to all of my March Madness co-hosts. They have been so incredibly generous, both with their time and with prizes and so very responsible. It was a joy to visit each of their blogs along the way.

The last thing I need to talk about today, on my last check-in post for the month, is CELEBRATION. If you've known me for any time at all, you know that I'm a big believer in celebrating all of the tiniest victories. There's enough soul-crushing, difficult stuff we have to face in the writing world. We need to celebrate ALL of our successes to combat that! Even if you've simply checked in all the way through the month, that deserves to be celebrated!

As usual, I plan to celebrate with some nice red wine, some delectable chocolate, and possibly some guacamole. How about you? 

It's too bad we can't all get together to celebrate, but know that I will be raising a glass to all of you on the 31st!

Eek! I forgot to lead you on to tomorrow's post! On Monday, we're over on Kim's Blog. See you there!


  1. Thanks to all who hosted March Madness! I traveled a lot and missed posts and check ins but it was still so inspiring to be a part of this. Wishing you all an amazing April :) Smiles, Kelly

    1. Awesome to have you with us, Kelly!

    2. It was so great to have you here, Kelly, and I'm so glad to hear you found it inspiring! We hope to see you around Twitter through the year under #wipmadness!

  2. *raises a glass of [insert beverage of choice here]*

    Cheers to our #WIPMadness,
    We celebrate each word.
    This month was so inspiring
    With stories read and heard.

    Here's to all our efforts
    And to those we may annoy.
    We are writers and have quirks,
    But with each page, we share our joy.

    Cheers to us for March,
    Although it's almost done.
    The writing journey never ends,
    That we're here, we've already won.

    Though we write alone,
    We have #WIPsters on the 'Net.
    Cheers for all the great support
    In our best year yet.

    Cheers to all the writers,
    Though stress may take its toll.
    Cheers to all the writers.
    On each page, we breathe our soul.

    Pardon the mushiness. Palm Sunday Mass clearly had an effect on me amidst the rain.

    I was originally going to end it after raising the glass. LOL <3

    1. Yes, love it, Tonette! Great to have you as part of the team again!

  3. I definitely got more done this month than I would've on my own! So thankful for this fab WIPster community!

    Yesterday was supposed to be a catch-up day, after not getting any words done Thurs/Fri. Instead, I slept late, took a long walk on the beach, did my copyedits on a short story, and watched hockey. many days left in March? *rushes to get back to work* I can still do this!!

  4. Thanks for having me be a part of March Madness! Its been fun!

    1. I'm so happy you joined us, Kim! It was great to have you, and is great to see you year-round on Twitter :)

  5. March flew by. Getting ready for April goals. Yay. Camp Nanowrimo. Thanks for all the motivation this month. Checking in daily (whenever possible) ensured that I worked on my goal, some days with pride, and others out of guilt. All progress is good progress no matter the push that gets it started. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this delightful group of writers.

    1. So great having you here with us, Bonnie! I'm glad to hear you got a lot accomplished this month, and we hope to see you around Twitter throughout the year under #WIPMadness to let us know how you're doing.

  6. It's been a good month, even if I can't say I achieved my total goal. Being involved in MM kept me more aware of it, and I know I wrote more than I would have without the companionship. So thanks for being our big kahuna again and keeping us on track all month.

    Now, back to the writing! There's still two more days! Let's go, go, go!!!!

    1. I couldn't agree more, Carol. Now keep chanting at me! I need to keep moving forward. Two more days! Two more days!

  7. AI am totally in on the chocolate and wine! Though I didn't quite complete the original goals I set out, I found some direction and some revelation. Having the support of you awesome wipsters has given me strength and inspiration, so thank you everyone! I wish you all the best as you close out March Madness, and I hope the madness continues as you write on, plot on, and bang on those keys.

  8. Argh. My first reply was eaten by the Internet monsters, so I'll be less-winded this round.

    Thanks for your understanding re: the technical issues. New blog. New cms. Spotty internet.

    I'd hoped to write at the retreat, but a few factors got in the way, some of them good, others not so much. I'm not going to meet my goals, but I'm okay with that. Because even though I didn't get as far as I should have in the WIP, the month was not a waste — I plotted and brainstormed, I DID write, I learned some things about me and my process, and...I met some new friends who have helped motivate me, and have hopefully motivated some of you.

    That's something I will happily drink to!

    Congrats, Denise (and everyone who took part!), on another great March Madness.