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Friday, September 2, 2011


My copyedits arrived this week and I'm super-busy trying to get them completed. My deadline to have them back in NY is September 12th.

Copyedits really don't take long, at least mine haven't. But there is a difference this time compared to last time. Last time, my editor told me to just pay attention to the copyeditor's markings and not bother to re-read the whole thing until my first pass pages came.

For this book I have a different editor, and she has told me that I should make any changes I want during copyedits, as they prefer to get most of the changes done at this stage. So I am feeling a bit panicked, like this is my last chance to make any significant changes.

As per usual, I've noticed I have very little understanding of how and when to use a comma. Some other things I haven't been too skilled at with this manuscript: hyphenating words that don't need hyphens, repeating words, and not putting enough breaks in the text.

Otherwise, it's very similar to my last experience with copyedits, so I thought I'd share a video I made about it last year, for those who are interested.

Happy weekend to you all!


  1. I'm comma challenged too :) Best of luck with the copy-edits, Denise! Your video on them from last time was fun to watch. Reminds me how freaked I was the first time I got copy-edits. But you were remarkably calm.

  2. Denise, we share a copyedits deadline. :) My experience with both novels so far (2 different editors) has been that copyedits are a last chance, which yes, certainly has its moments of panic! Good luck with yours!!