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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Four

1. I forgot to mention it here, but I was blogging over at The Contemps this week. Our new plan for 2011-2012 is to spotlight new contemporary YA fiction. My spotlight post was for Ellen Hopkins's latest verse novel PERFECT. I also listed a few recommendations of verse novels, but if you have more, I'd love to hear them!

2. Besides out spotlight posts, we hope to be a resource for new releasing contemporary YA on the web. Lisa Schroeder has put a lot of effort into this calendar of upcoming releases. If you're looking for some new contemporary reads, this is the place to check.

3. I haven't been around the social media front for the past few weeks because I've been using every last ounce of my energy re-building our deck. It's been on it's last legs for a while, but we knew it wouldn't last the upcoming winter (or probably even the fall), so my whole extended family got involved and we got it re-built and recovered just in time for the rain!

4. And there's one more thing that's been keeping me busy. I finally bought an e-reader! I had a very hard time deciding, but since my birthday was in July and this was supposed to be my present, I thought I should really get on it. I spent many hours agonizing over the pros and cons of each unit, but finally settled on this one for now:

If you know anything about e-readers, you may be confused, so let me explain. I borrowed my brother's Kobo case while I'm waiting for my case that's on order. I also am using the sticky piece of plastic that came with it for a screen protector until the real one comes. But it is a Kindle - one of the ones that has ads (which aren't bothersome, btw) and only cost $114!

Besides the low price, I decided on this one for a few reasons: It's super-easy to email my own writing to my Kindle and make notes, or highlight as I'm reading. Also, it has the text-to-speech option, and since I'm on the road a lot, I'm sure I will use that a lot. Yes, it's a robotic voice, but especially for my own writing/outlines/etc. I'm okay with that. Hey, it's the closest thing I have to my own audiobook at the moment!

Also, as of yesterday, I can get library books on my Kindle. The only thing I'm missing is not being able to read some epub files, but for the price, this is a great starter e-reader for me.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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