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Friday, December 14, 2012

My Superhero / Star Wars Tree!

Here's how it started:

My husband found these beautiful decorations at Target while we were in Florida. One was Darth Vader, one was Yoda, one was Batman, and one was the Superman symbol. Upon arriving home, the Superman symbol had a little accident. So we were left with three.

These beautiful decorations absolutely would not have fit well with our current assortment of decorations (or would have gotten lost among the rest, which would have been a shame). I'm a fan of doing "theme" trees, so I decided my son and I would make some superhero decorations and have a superhero tree this year.

As we started to tire of making them with only half a tree filled, my son said, "But what about Darth Vader and Yoda?"

So now we have a half Superhero tree and a half Star Wars tree. My camera is lame, but here are a few shots (we filled in some gaps on the Star Wars side with action figures, but most everything else is handmade by either my nine year old son or myself).

 Ironman and Flash

 Wonder Woman, Superman symbol, and several versions of Captain America (because he's my favorite superhero.)

 Darth Vader's head is the tree-topper on the Star Wars side. We're still looking for Batman to use on the Superhero side, but for now, Ironman is our placeholder.

 This R2D2 one is one of my favorite ones that I made.

 The pickle in the Santa hat doesn't belong, but he was a gift from a friend this year.

 Lots of Green Lantern and various Superhero symbols here...

 In the middle (above) is the cool Batman one that we originally bought.

 This is my son's favorite one that he made: Deadpool!

 Spawn and Superman.
 Kia-Mundi action figure and a homemade Captain Rex.

 Cool snowflakes, huh? Above is Darth Vader, below is Boba Fett and Clone Troopers (alternating)

It took me three tries to get a decent Punisher, but here he is.
And for all those who had suggested Spiderman for our last wooden son actually went with Venom, so I did a Spiderman ball instead.

I hope you enjoyed a little peek at our tree! Does anyone else you know do any kind of interesting themes for their trees?


  1. You are such a geek and I adore it. :) Hope that writing epiphany carries you through the rest of the month!

    1. Thanks, Charlie! (and glad to hear you love my geekiness!)