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Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Four!

1. I was doddling around the web this week when I came across my new cover for FAST FICTION!

I wasn't too shocked, since I had seen a few mock-ups for the cover before. New World Library had asked for my opinion on them (which, believe me, does not always happen) when they were in the designing stages, and so I'm thrilled with the final product. Here's what it looks like:

2. I've seen it up on Amazon and GoodReads with this summary, which I also think sounds pretty great:

Whether readers have a great idea for a novel, but can't get started, or have been working on one for five years, one tactic that helps thousands of would-be novelists move past procrastination to a finished draft is a deadline. In this case, a very short one: 30 days. Fast Fiction is inspired and informed by the author's yearly participation in NaNoWriMo, a web-based 30-day writing challenge each November with over 256,000 participants in 2011, over 35,000 of whom completed the program's stated goal of a 50,000-word novel. Fast Fiction is a quick, inspirational, step-by-step and day-by-day guide to writing a structurally sound and engaging first draft in the shortest amount of time possible. It provides a great starting point for writers as they ditch time-wasters, detour frustration, and overcome self-doubt, and it helps them decide where to go with their story and how to get there quickly, with results. Told in the empathetic and accessible voice of an author who can provide an insider’s look at her own craft and publishing experiences, Fast Fiction provides readers with their own writing coach as they embark on a quick, fun, and challenging 30 days to a first draft.

3. The NEVER ENOUGH audiobook is well underway. The narrator, Bryarly Bishop, is doing a fabulous job of bringing Loann to life, and I should be able to share a clip of it with you soon. (Does anyone else think it's strange that my narrator for LOSING FAITH was named Becca Battoe, and this narrator is Bryarly Bishop? All these B's!!)

4. I've added another book to my 12 Awesome Books I've Read This Year in the right sidebar. A SECOND book by Rainbow Rowell, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Unfortunately this one is not out yet, and mine is a borrowed copy (thanks, Shana!) so I can't pass it along to any of you, but definitely add FANGIRL to your TBR list!

Other than that, I've just been doing summer stuff. Last weekend I was talking about writing at a music festival here in B.C. This weekend I'll be helping with a Polynesian show at a local campground. Nothing but variety in my life!

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the summer!