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Friday, January 3, 2014

Fast Fiction Friday: Don't Beat Yourself Up!

New Year's resolutions are bunk.

There, I've said it.

Which is not to say that I never make any. I just make resolutions with a loose hand and a light heart. I've seen too many people make huge resolutions, and then beat themselves up by January 3rd because they've already broken them. Then, because they feel like garbage and worthless and have been beating themselves up, they often become even worse in the area they made the resolution.

You see, it's not the resolutions that are bad. It's the self-talk we allow ourselves that's truly detrimental.

I made a resolution this year to read more of the things I want to read and less of the things I *should* read. I purposely set my GoodReads reading goal for this year at 10 (down from 100 last year). You know how it's gone so far? I've already been reading two *should* books. Since January 1st!

But you know what? I'm not beating myself up about it. Because I have a whole year to improve (many years if I need it). January 1st is only a day. For most, it's a day off, so it can be a good opportunity to evaluate life and make some plans. The great thing about setting resolutions is that you're thinking of ways you can better yourself. That's a GOOD thing. Assessing how you're doing on these goals, though, takes time. I'll bet if you set some goals for self-improvement and then don't look back at them until the end of the year, you will have improved. Maybe you won't meet your goals exactly, but who cares if you're better than you were!

I saw several writers on Twitter this year professing that they were going to make writing more of a priority this year. Then, the next day, I saw those same writers saying, "I haven't written a's sure to be another sucky writing year." It makes me so upset for them. They're talking themselves into defeat, and they still have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO IMPROVE!

I commend you if you have plans to better yourself--this year, or any time in the future. Just promise yourself that you'll cut yourself some slack along the way. Notice all the little things you've already improved on. Positive self-talk and noticing your achievements, no matter how small, will definitely get you farther in life than calling yourself names.

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