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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Four!

1. I am getting SO organized! I hope it lasts. Fly Lady says to shine your sink each day. I haven't had time to go on her site and research what she means by this, which sinks, etc., so I've just been keeping all of them clean. I've also taken the scary journey into my bedroom closet and come out alive!

I admit, my house is looking much messier for all my effort. I have boxes upon boxes piled up and ready to give away though!

2. I'm reading a great book right now. PARTY by Tom Leveen. Tom is a fellow Class of 2k10 member, and what I love about this book? It has several different points of view (11, I think), but they all revolve around the same story, and they're all interesting! I thought it would be difficult to get into each of the heads of the point of view characters, but it hasn't been. I've always wanted to try writing a book like this, with multiple points of view where each one reveals something different that the reader wants to know. It's inspiring me...

3. I'm still working away for my outline on FINDING HOPE (a companion novel to LOSING FAITH). It's proving harder than I thought. In my first NaNo draft of the book, it was heavily focused on the parent-figures. I knew that had to change, but I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out a satisfying ending for the book now.  By the way, I'm also looking for suggestions of companion novels that I can read to study the form a bit. If you have any that you've enjoyed and could mention them in the comments, I would be grateful!

4. I've been mostly eating well lately and my reward (because I'm all about The Celebrating) is to go for Thai food this weekend. I love Thai food. And Mexican food. And okay, Italian too. I've been consciously cutting most sugars out of my diet lately, and now I just find myself craving very flavorful, savory foods instead.

What's up for your weekend? Or as Ashley would say in PARTY...What's the go?


  1. I thought GUYAHOLIC by Carolyn Mackler was a great companion novel to VEGAN VIRGIN VALENTINE. I enjoyed both books, but GUYAHOLIC is actually one of my all-time favorites.

  2. Maggie Stievfater's fairy books, Lament and Ballad. I liked them both, but enjoyed the second one in the male friends pov more.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations - I will look into both of these!

  4. Enjoy the thai food...I'm sure that the companion to Losing Faith will come...And it'll be awesome.