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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wandering Wednesday

This week I'm being interviewed over at Sherrie Petersen's blog. Not only is Sherrie a fabulous person with a fun blog and a great following, but we also share the same fabulous agent! Sherrie just recently signed on with the awesome Michelle Humphrey. So make sure to check out this interview, with really interesting questions, I might add, with my agent-sister.

Something else I haven't done in a while is mentioned where else you can find me online.

I love to blog, and Facebook is fun, but my true love lies with Twitter. Seriously, I have so much trouble pulling myself off of there. It's just so quick and easy and I love that it's so easy to keep up on so many people quickly there.

You can find me here: and if you follow me, and your profile doesn't make you look either creepy or like you'll be constantly trying to sell me something, I'll most definitely follow you back!

Facebook. I'll be honest, I don't get on there very often. But I do have an automatic feed that will let you know when I've been blogging. I'm very slowly working on developing an author page on there, which I promise will be much for fun. But for now, you can friend me right here:

Blogger. This is the main blog that syncs with my website, but I almost always cross-post to LiveJournal. If you've found me on LiveJournal today, feel free to drop in here and follow my Blogger blog as well.

LiveJournal. Are you on LJ? If so, drop by and add me as a friend and my blog will automatically come up on your Friends List.

Find me on GoodReads here:  Feel free to rate Losing Faith, or add it to your to-read list, or even post a review. My secret goal is to get Losing Faith up above a 4.00 rating, but don't let that influence you...

You can check out my profile on Authors Now for more information about presentations, etc.

Okay, apparently my Skype An Author Page is having some issues. I am trying to enter the digital age, however, and make myself available for virtual visits. Watch my blog for more details of when I get this back up and running.

Update: I think it's working now! Here's the link:

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