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Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Four!

1. I'm sure you've all heard of March Madness--not the basketball frenzy, but the writing, reading, and blogging frenzy! If you haven't set some goals yet and joined in on the fun (and believe me, it IS fun!) here's the place you want to go to do that. It's absolutely NOT too late to join. We'd love to have you!

If you've been hanging out with us all week, today the place you'll want to share your triumphs and woes is over at Craig Pirrall's Blog.

2. I've heard from other authors lately that the Amazon Affiliate Program is a pretty cool thing. So I'm trying it out. I've got a little Amazon-ish store on my website now, and I've tried to add a widget to my blog, though that one doesn't seem to be running quite as smoothly. This is what I thought was cool and why I decided to join: Apparently if anyone clicks through to Amazon through one of my links, if they buy ANYTHING, even if they don't buy my book, I get a kickback on it. And since, you know, I'm going to spend money on new books anyway...I might as well have Amazon chip in a little to that fund. So if you're planning to make a purchase on Amazon anyway, I'd love it if you'd click through my website to get there!

3. LiveJournal has kind of slipped my mind lately. I try to always cross-post between my two blogs, but I often set Blogger up to post automatically, then I completely forget to come back here and cross-post it to LJ (LJ won't let me set things in advance to post). So apologies to anyone who follows me on LJ, but if you want to make sure you don't miss out on anything REALLY important, because you know how often I post REALLY important stuff...I'd suggest heading over to my Blogger blog and clicking follow over there. I will attempt to keep cross-posting here, but it just may slip my mind sometimes.

4. I'm getting ready to go away on a little reading/writing break and I'm so very, terribly, incredibly, monumentally excited! I never really get enough time at home to sink myself into projects anymore and I think this will give me a chance to really re-center myself. I went on one of these "breaks" a couple of years ago and it was so refreshing.  I may even return using less adverbs!

5. I guess it's a Friday Five again. My family is doing a Star Wars Weekend this weekend. We're watching all six of the movies (plus possibly a couple of Ewok cartoons) back to back. I'm a mild fan of Star Wars, but my husband and son are big fans and so we have a whole weekend of yummy foods and jammies planned. We've been looking forward to this for a while. At least most of us have. Oh, and I'm going to pin my hair into two buns on either side of my head. LOL.

What are you up to this weekend? Whatever it is, may the force be with you...


  1. A Star Wars weekend is about the coolest thing I've ever heard of!

    Hmmmm...might have to try it at my house.


  2. I'm sure there's a plug in for Blogger that will automatically cross post to LJ. That's what I've been doing with Wordpress. I just post there and it feeds into LJ instantaneously. My formatting gets messed up and lately I haven't had time to fix it, but I figure that's not the biggest deal and at least people can still read it if they want to. (Seems to be working fine, I still get lots of comments on LJ.)

    As someone who doesn't really use Blogger, can you explain what the "FOLLOW" button does? I've "FOLLOWED" a ton of blogs but I don't know how to see them in an easy way after that, like the LJ friends page. I end up just putting everything into Google Reader, and I've stopped "FOLLOWING" on Blogger because it seems pointless to me. But if there's a better way, please help!!!

    My other issue with Blogger is that it doesn't notify you when someone replies to your post so I either have to remember to come back and look (which I never remember to do) or I don't see it. Or more accurately, I just don't comment because the lack of notification dissuades me from doing so. I want to see what people say in reply, possibly converse with those replies, but if I have to go back and keep refreshing, that becomes more of a hassle than I have time for. Any suggestions for getting notified about replies?

    I'm not asking this specific to your blog but to all Blogger blogs because it's something that's been bothering me. I want to reply but I don't want to keep refreshing to see if anyone else writes after me (esp with Statcounter logging all my refreshes!) and I don't always remember that I've commented somewhere so it makes me feel like I might be missing important stuff.

  3. Shana - if you use blogger, there is a dashboard that you go into to post and it also let's you view all the blogs you follow. That's how I view mine. I know there's also something called friend connect. Not sure how that works.

    I've seen blogger blogs that have the option to be notified of rePlies but I haven't really looked into that either. With wordpress, you have to select if you want to be notified and then jump through hoops to activate that, which I don't like either. It seems LJ is the only one that has the comment thing working, but unfortunately comes with it's own slew of problems.