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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Four!

1. What am I reading? I seem to be on a non-fiction kick lately. This week, I'm reading a book called SPEAK AND GROW RICH, mostly because I've been sending out a few conference proposals, and I'd like to become a better speaker. The book comes highly recommended by a bunch of great speakers, but so far I'm not finding a ton of it applicable to what I'm looking for. Hopefully that will change.

2. What am I writing? I finished up my draft of MAKING MIRACLES last week and sent it out to a few beta readers (thank you all so much for offering!) This week I'm back to working on FINDING HOPE. This is a companion novel to LOSING FAITH, told in Tessa's point of view. I did a quick read-through to refresh myself, and I really like this book. It's very thriller-ish, at least in the second half. I have three very full pages of notes to implement, but then I will be looking for readers for this one too.

3. While my husband is judging a bodybuilding competition in Seattle this weekend, I will be having a focused writing weekend. I try to do this at least once a year. I don't need anything special for a writing weekend--just my laptop and time to myself, maybe a couple of good books for inspiration--but I'm really, really looking forward to this.

4. Contest! I have SO MANY EXTRA BOOKS around here, including ARC's from ALA (even the new Sarah Dessen ARC) and books that I have or haven't read that will simply no longer fit on my shelves. Stay tuned next week because I have to get rid of some of these soon lest my house collapse under the weight of books (did I mention my husband is also a collector of books?)

So check back next week! And happy weekend to you all!


  1. Sarah Dessen ARC?! ohmygoshWANT! Er...I mean, I'm looking forward to your contest, Denise. :D

    I hope you have a really great writing weekend!

  2. Hope your writing weekend was just what you wanted it to be. ^_^