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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Sorry if I've kind of fallen off the face of the blogosphere lately. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen me going on and on about my new audiobook for LOSING FAITH. Sorry, I couldn't help myself, because I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! But I have had to go through the entire thing twice in the last week, on top of many other obligations, and it has kept me very busy.

For those who haven't heard, Becca Battoe--the narrator of the FIFTY SHADES books--has been hard at work bringing LOSING FAITH to life, and she has done such an amazing job with it! She just finished, and so the audiobook should be available in about two weeks through Amazon, Audible, and ITunes.

But...for now, I wanted to give you a sneak peek! This is a short sample from the end of chapter two (hoping this works--I've never added an audio clip to my blog before). Let me set it up for you just a little. Brie is the main character, and during chapter one, she lies to her older sister Faith in order to get her out of the house and drive Brie to meet her secret boyfriend. At a party with her boyfriend later that night, Brie receives a broken-up phone call from her dad, telling her to come to the hospital. Her BFFN (best friend for now) Amy is driving her...

What do you think???

Besides that bit of excitement, I also have a publishing date (or at least month) for my next book! It looks like FAST FICTION will be out from New World Library in March 2014! This may seem like a long time, but with my first two books with Simon & Schuster, it actually took 18-24 months from offer to the books hitting the bookshelves.

I'm thrilled about the timing, because it will be available for March Madness, and Camp NaNo, and there will also be lots of lead time to get it in the hands of next year's NaNoWriMo participants.

I also have jacket copy! Another difference between a big publisher and small one (there are lots, and I'm sure I'll be giving you plenty of glimpses over the coming months) is that I was asked to write my own jacket copy summary (with S&S my editors did this for me). I admit, I was pretty nervous about it. I've never felt very talented in the "pitching" or selling your work department. But it seems I have to do that more and more lately. My agent recently asked me to write up a short pitch for one of my books as well.

Funny story...right after I made the deal for my first book, I went to my very first author event in Vancouver. It was with Ally Carter, and I got a chance to chat with her afterward. I remember telling her that I was so glad that I had an agent now, and had sold my first book, because now I wouldn't have to pitch my work anymore. She told me (paraphrased) "Oh no, this is just the beginning of pitching your books," and boy was she ever right!

Anyway, my editor at NWL likes the jacket copy I wrote, so even though I'm a little nervous to share it, I figure I better get used to it. Here is what FAST FICTION is about...
Fast Fiction is a step-by-step guide to writing a structurally sound and engaging draft of a novel in the shortest time possible. It is not a get-rich-quick plan for taking over the world of publishing, but rather a strong starting point for ditching time-wasters and detouring frustration. It will give you a map to let you decide where you want to go with your story and how to get there by the most direct route.
Thoughts? I still wonder if I should add something in there about motivation, because the whole middle section is really a motivational section to keep people writing every day. Hmmm.

Anyway, thanks for sharing in my little bits of exciting news with me! Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Lots of good things happening and much to look forward to. :) This 'sneak peek' of the audiobook is wonderful, Denise! Becca was a great choice to be the narrator!

    1. Thanks so much, Carol! Yes, I love Becca's voice, and it's even better once we get to Tessa...

  2. So much excitement! Audiobook is awesome. :)

    1. Thanks, yes, I really love the audiobook!

  3. Thanks for updating us! Congrats again.