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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Would You Rather Wednesday! - Writing and Publishing

In the interest of getting to know you, here is another edition of Would You Rather Wednesday!

The only rule is that you have to answer one or the other of the choices below, even if your answer lies somewhere in between (or even if you want to say "neither") If you're not a writer, feel free to speculate on how you think you would feel if you were a writer facing some of these choices.

1. Would you rather...write a first draft...or...revise a draft already written?

2. Would you rather...give a harsh critique...or...get a harsh critique?

3. Would you rather...receive a bunch of rejections at once...or...have your rejections trickle in one at a time over several months?

4. Would you with a publisher who will not help make your book better but will help you promote with a publisher who will not promote your book but will help you make your book a lot better?

5. Would you with a small publisher with no advance but they think the world of you and your with a big publisher with a big advance but your editor doesn't remember your name or what book you wrote?

I look forward to your answers and I'll be back later to add mine to the comments.


  1. 1. Revise
    2. Probably receive - it depends on the situation
    3. All at once
    4. Make it better, no promotion
    5. Small publisher

  2. *fist-bumps Jennifer* I'm the same...
    1. revise
    2. get one
    3. all at once
    4. make it better
    5. small one who loves me ;)

  3. 1. First draft. I'm a pantser, so the story development is just as much a surprise in the end for me as it would be for my readers. Revising just drags for me.
    2. Get a harsh critique. I'm mush when it comes to giving out any kind of critism.
    3. All at once.
    4. I'm on the fence on this one. Simply because although I would want my book to be better, I'm also an introvert and promotion would be difficult for me.
    5. I would love to have a publisher who thinks the world of me, at the same time who would pass up a big advance...

  4. Back with my answers...
    1. First draft. I love getting the initial idea down, and like Indigo, there are many surprises at this stage. Doubting myself plays too big of a role during revision.
    2. Get a harsh critique. I actually kind of like harsh critiques if they are worded in a way that is somewhat helpful/constructive. I love it when my mind starts to reel with ideas to make my books better.
    3. I used to think I'd like my rejections all at once, but then one time I got three harsh rejections all in one day and I doubted that book so much after that. I can bounce back easier if they are spread out over time.
    4. I'd take the promotion (and then hire a freelance editor if I thought my book could be improved).
    5. I'd take the one who loves me. I'm all about the love...

    Thanks everyone for playing! I hope to have some more questions for next week...

  5. 1. Definitely first draft! Revising is the pits...

    2. I'd rather get a harsh critique, I hate hurting people's feelings.

    3. One at a time rejections! When I get a get too many at once it sucks up my energy and takes me weeks to recover. One I can deal with overnight.

    4. Tough question. I think I'd prefer making the book better with no promotion but I'm not good with self-promotion.

    5. Small publisher that loves me! But I wouldn't turn down a large advance! LOL