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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Four!

1. March Madness! It's almost here! Watch the blog because next week I will have lots of details about how to sign up for this life-changing event. I've got a list of prizes to share with you soon, too, and believe me, they are worth setting some big goals for. So start thinking about your goals now!

2. Speaking of goal-setting, I've been working hard at setting my goals for March, and to be honest, I'm not that excited about the project I have told myself I will work on. I do want to have this book written. I'm just feeling a little intimidated at the thought of starting it. So I've been thinking of small rewards I will give myself alone the way--especially in the beginning to get myself over that initial hump. Yes, these rewards do involve large quantities of chocolate. What are you thinking of working on in March? Does it scare the pants off of you?

3. My son and I read a story about the Guinness World Record holder of the biggest house of cards today. Now we are trying to construct one. I'm sure there's another lesson in perseverance here for me...

4. NEVER ENOUGH is making its way out into the world. At least the world of reviewers and bloggers.  I'm going through the odd panic attack, but generally I'm much calmer than when LOSING FAITH. I even got my first one-star rating the other day (a right of passage for any book, I think) and it actually made me smile.

It's supposed to be rainy in our parts this weekend. No special plans for me, except a little writing. How about you?

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  1. Me too, the writing that is. And more work on the writing space.