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Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Four!

1. I figure since I'm not blogging any other days lately, the least I can do is come up with four tiny things to talk about on a Friday. Oh, was that number one? Oops, I guess it was. LOL.

2. What am I reading? I started ALSO KNOWN AS by Robin Benway at least a month ago. I was really enjoying it, but then a bunch of library books came in for me, so I put it aside. Then my awesome friend Shana sent me a box of books from BEA, and I realized I could put this book on hold forever if I'm not careful. So I'm back to reading it, and laughing out loud here and there. It's kind of like Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series, except I'm finding it funnier.

3. What am I writing? Thanks again to Shana and her notes, I'm hard at work again on FINDING HOPE, the companion novel to LOSING FAITH in Tessa's point of view. Trying some fun timeline jumps to see if they work. I'm tempted to put the novel into Scrivener for this purpose, but Scrivener always seems to screw up some of my formatting, so I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle. I always seem to go back and forth on this one, between "I LOVVVVVEEEE Scrivener" and "Is it worth it?" What do you think? Love it or is it worth it?

4. I'm going to a formal eighteenth birthday party for one of the girls I dance with this weekend. It is so seldom that I get dressed up formally, I'm actually a little nervous about it. And I haven't even decided on what I will wear yet.

5. Number one was lame, so I'm adding a number five. But don't worry, it's just about the weather. Apparently it's supposed to "feel like" 104 degrees here next week. I live in a humid climate, so the thought of this seems unbearable to me (even though I usually love the heat). I guess we're moving into our basement.


  1. OMG you should absolutely put it into Scrivener. The key to not screwing up your formatting is copying and pasting it into Word. NOT exporting it as a Word Doc. I go back and forth from Scrivener to Word daily and my formatting never gets messed up.

    Anyway, Scrivener is seriously the exact thing you need for this task. I wrote my new first draft in Scrivener and I don't think I could have done it in Word. I've been moving scenes and chapters around while I write (since some scenes in my novel are not exactly linear).


    Also, this awesome friend Shana of yours really does sound awesome. ;-)

  2. 104 degrees...ack. I've been reading weather stories about Phoenix and Las Vegas where it's around 115 degrees. How is that even possible??? I'd spend all day curled up in a damp cellar somewhere if it was that hot where I live.

    I've never tried Scrivener, but I hear good things about it!