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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Girl in the Jean Jacket

Apparently my jean jacket has become somewhat iconic.

Last week when I traveled to Oklahoma, I was lucky enough to meet up with some great authors. There was one author in particular I was excited about meeting because I had followed her online for quite some time. I recognized her right away because of her brilliant smile, but when I went up to introduce myself, she said, “Oh, I know you. You’re the girl in the jean jacket.” Or something to that effect.

"Wh—what? Me! You know me?" I said, like the exceptionally well-spoken person that I am.

What she was referring to was my author photo, which apparently has gone before me!

It’s really, REALLY cool as a debut author whose book has JUST come out, when someone actually recognizes you. For any reason.

Then, just the other day I answered my cell phone to a reporter from a local newspaper. Her first question? “Can you send me that picture of you in the jean jacket?” We went on to have a lovely conversation about writing. But it all started with the jean jacket. And the above picture ended up in a full-page spread of my local newspaper!

So this is what I’m thinking…even if I don’t go on to make a good living with my writing, even if I can't come up with another single story idea or interesting set of characters... if I can get enough buzz going on for this jean jacket, maybe I can make my fortune on eBay! LOL.

All this is to say…I’m off to the Surrey International Writers Conference this weekend, because I actually do want to continue on in this writing business and improve my craft, (so excited!) and even though I may not normally dress down quite this much, I AM planning to bring the famed jean jacket so HOPEFULLY people will recognize me (and it would totally make my weekend if someone did, so please come up and say hi.) Wow, that was an awfully long run-on sentence! Good thing I'm going away to improve my craft! Anyway, I may not wear the jacket all weekend, but I’ll try to keep it on for Friday at least.

And if you spot me but can’t remember my name, or what I write, or anything else about me, just feel free to call out, “hey, you! Girl in the jean jacket!” And I'll know exactly who you mean.

Also, I am HORRIBLE with names. So if we’ve met before, please remind me. I don’t mean to be a dork about this. Honestly. But it happens when your brain gets burnt out from outlining and revising and homeschooling.

I’m so excited! If you’ll be at SIWC, tell me – what iconic piece of clothing might you be wearing???


  1. Enjoy the conference, Oh Famous One!

  2. Hehe, love that encounter with the other author. Cute! Keep working the jean jacket!

  3. That's awesome, Denise! Next time I see you, I'll be thinking about your moniker.