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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teen Author Tuesday Presents Penny Noyce!

Today I'm thrilled to welcome one of my critique partners who I met through Critique Circle.

Penny Noyce is the author of LOST IN LEXICON: AN ADVENTURE IN WORDS AND NUMBERS, which was just released Oct. 1st from Tumblehome Press. It's a middle grade fantasy for ages 9-12.

Welcome Penny! Can you tell me about your book in seven words or less?

cousins, adventure, magical, quest, friendship, danger, imagination

Great! Other than your main character, who's a favorite character of yours in the novel and why?

Emily the thesaurus is a small alpaca-like creature who whispers needed words to her chosen humans.  She is soft, shy, loyal, and she often seems uncannily perceptive.

Can you tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

Autumn is my favorite season - a burst of color we treasure because it's fleeting.  My most exciting travel experiences have been visiting Machu Picchu, helicopter skiing in the Canadian Rockies, and horseback riding in the Okavango Delta.

Sounds like you've had an exciting life! What's been the most surprising thing about your path to publication so far?

I've been surprised by how much adults enjoy this children's book. They feel an echo of books they loved in their own childhood.

That's great! What's one piece of writing advice you would give to aspiring authors?

Write your book for a specific audience, preferably someone you love.  That way you'll make it the best you possibly can, and you know you'll have an audience that appreciates it.

Are you swept up with promotion for your debut book right now or can you give us a sentence or two about something new you're working on?

I'm finishing up book two in the Lexicon series, which touches on music, and I'm working on a YA book about a young flute player finding the courage to face his sister's abductors, slavery, and his family's past.

They both sound great! What did you write when you were a teen, Penny? Did you journal? Write poetry?
Write overly literary or emotional stories? Or avoid writing altogether?

I got up in the middle of the night to write poetry.  I wrote passionate journals dissecting my life and the occasional story.

What's the last book you read that you really loved?

I loved The Time Traveler's Wife for its portrayal of the mysteries, heartbreaks, unknowns, and shifting currents of love that lasts a lifetime.

If readers want to find out more about you and your writing, where should they look?

My book website:

Thanks so much for stopping by, Penny! And let me leave you all with the book trailer for LOST IN LEXICON:

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