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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Four!

1. I love Fridays! Not only because the weekend is upon me, but also it's my favorite day to blog. There's so much freedom in a random four!

2. If you're looking for an agent, my awesome, fantabulous agent, Michelle Humphrey has made another online appearance! My agent-mate Sherrie has interviewed Michelle on her blog, and has given some pretty specific thoughts on what she'd love to see in her query pile.

3. I'm not one of those amazingly restrained authors who can turn off Google Alerts. I admit it. I've tried, but I just think I'd rather know what people are saying about me and my books, even if it's bad. That said, here's something I've found interesting since my book release in September: Every once in a while a copy of LOSING FAITH shows up on Ebay and my Google Alert alerts me. Often a new or like new copy, but almost always for a higher price than you can find it on other online retailers. How can that be? Could anyone possibly sell a copy of my book for fifteen bucks plus shipping on Ebay when Barnes and Noble has it listed for $8.99? And if so, I guess I need to rethink what to do with the box of books in my living room!

4. Thanks to everyone who emailed me with thoughts and suggestions for my voice and contemporary fiction vlogs. I'm such a beginner at all of this, but I think I'm getting somewhere on it. I think I need to do vlogs more regularly, because otherwise I just get too nervous about them.

It's off to birthday parties and writing Valentines with my seven-year-old this weekend for me. What are you up to?

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  1. LOSING FAITH is sooo on my TBR list! Great interview BTW. :)Awesome agent for awesome authors.