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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Teen Author Tuesday Presents Sara Bennett-Wealer and RIVAL!

Today I'm excited to welcome another Elevensie AND a fellow Contemps member, Sara Bennett-Wealer.Sara's debut novel, RIVAL, releases Feb. 15, 2011 (Today!) from HarperTeen. It is Contemporary YA, for ages 12 and up.

Welcome, Sara! Boy, it feels like I've been waiting to see this book hit the shelves forever--I can't imagine how long it seems to you! Tell me about your book in seven words or less, Sara.
Music, competition, rivalry, best friends, now enemies

Other than your main character, who's a favorite character of yours in your debut novel and why?
I love Matt because he's the kind of friend everybody should have: loyal, funny, sweet and a blast to have around.

Can you tell my readers a little bit more about yourself, Sara?
I'm a very lucky person who's blessed to make her living doing something she loves.

What's been the most surprising thing about your path to publication so far?
I've been surprised at how little changes! You still get rejections. You still have stress. But you also make amazing friends, and there's nothing like connecting with a reader who really *gets* your story. You have no idea how good that will feel until it happens to you!

What's one piece of writing advice you would give to aspiring authors?
Don't wait for inspiration--just sit your butt down and write. It's OK if it sucks; that's what revision is for!

Great advice! Are you swept up with promotion for your debut book right now or can you give us a sentence or two about something new you're working on?
I wouldn't have to say much to reveal the concept for my new book, and since I don't want to spoil it, I'll stay mum! 

That seems a little unfair, but okay. I get it. But I still want to know! What did you write when you were a teen? Did you journal? Write poetry? Write overly literary or emotional stories? Or avoid writing altogether?
I wrote a lot of papers, since I took AP English classes. I wrote a lot of fiction in grade school, actually, then quit during my teen years. I didn't start writing fiction again until I was in my 20s.

What's the last book you read that you really loved?
YOU WISH by Mandy Hubbard. I got to read it as a crit partner, and thought it was the most charming concept. Mandy did a great job with that story! Right now I'm reading MATCHED by Allie Condie. I wouldn't say I love it because it is creeping me out, but I do love how well it's creeping me out!

I loved YOU WISH too! And MATCHED is in my TBR pile. If readers want to find out more about you and your writing, Sara, where should they look?

Great! Thanks so much for stopping by, Sara, and all the very best with your debut!