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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Would You Rather Wednesday (The Business of Writing Edition)

Welcome back to another installment of Would You Rather Wednesday! The only rule is, you can't choose either or neither - you must choose one.

Some of these may seem easy for you, but they're not for me and I'd like to see if there's anyone else in the world who aligns with my thinking...

1. Would you a big fish in a small pond (i.e. small publisher that puts it's resources behind marketing you) or a small fish in a big pond (i.e. published with one of the big publishers, but getting lost in their swarm of new books)?

2. Would you rather...make a meager living by publishing articles for magazines, or publish a novel with a major publisher but not receive any payment for it?

3. Would you rather...sell a book on proposal (3 chapters and a synopsis) and have a one-month deadline to turn in a good draft of the whole thing, or sell a completed novel and have six months to work on revisions?

I'll be back with my answers later...


  1. Holy hard!

    1. I think I'd rather be a small fish in a big pond. I think the big houses can market better. But I'm probably wrong.

    2. Publish with a major publisher without payment.

    3. Sell the completed novel. I have a day job.

  2. 1. big fish I guess
    2. magazine writer
    3. six months to revise

  3. 1.Small fish/big pond
    2.A no-payment novel (not much into magazine articles)
    3.Completed novel with revisions (But if I wasn't a mom, I might choose the one month draft)

  4. My answers! Like I said, these were all difficult for me. Well, except for number 2, but here's what I came up with:

    1. I admit, sometimes I get jealous of writer friends who are published by small publishers and seem to be the very focus of that publisher. But ultimately, I'd be a small fish in a big pond. I just love the feeling of telling people my book is published with Simon & Schuster, I love the gatherings where I get to meet some of my writing idols and be part of their publishing "family", and I have high hopes that I can be a "bigger fish" with each forthcoming book.

    2. Definitely a novel writer. The money is nice, but not the draw for me. I've tried writing articles and it's just not my thing.

    3. I'd go for the completed novel on this one. The further I get into this business, the less I want to sell on proposal, actually. I'd rather know I can write the whole book before subbing to anybody.