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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Help! Voice and Contemporary Fiction

While I have the house to myself for a short time this morning, I'm trying to work on two vlogs I have promised to two different people.

The first one is on Voice, as in the writing voice, or voice of character. My fab critique partner, |Shana Silver,  just did a great post on revising voice the other day, and I've been looking at that. The author-friend who's asked me for the vlog has also come up with a great acronym about voice. For me, voice is one of those things that's really hard to explain, but I usually know it when I find it. Which makes it really difficult to record a vlog of any value! If you have any thoughts on voice that you'd like to share, I'm all ears!

My other vlog is about contemporary fiction - why I write it, why I love to read it, why it's important. I have a few humdrum thoughts on this subject too, but if you have any ideas to add, I'd love to hear them!


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