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Monday, April 4, 2011

April Check-In! (And of course more March Prizes!)

Those of you who are still working away through April, I'm thrilled to have you hanging out with me. This can be really, really hard work and even though we pretty much need to do it alone, there can still be camaraderie. We are the only ones who really understand each other.

So if you're having a good week, share, and your success can inspire us! If you're having a more difficult week, share that too, so we can offer you unlimited virtual hugs, chocolate, and words of wisdom (I'm sure there are some wise people here, right?)

As for me, my goal was to get through the first 80 pages of my book by the time my husband got home from a business trip. This was the major "problem area" of my manuscript. Well, I got to page 78, so I'm feeling pretty satisfied with that. (Believe me, it was so hard to NOT just stay up and making it to page 80, but because of reorganizing, I would have had to start in on a whole new section that I don't have detailed plans for yet. So essentially I think I met my first April goal!) How about the rest of you?

And yes! I have another March Madness prize to give away! Our first three winners have chosen a prize! Here are the prizes that are still up for grabs:

An ARC of REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly! (US only)

A hardcover copy of RADIANT SHADOWS by Melissa Marr!(US only)

An ARC of THE EXILED QUEEN by Cinda Williams Chima (US only)

A copy of DELIRIUM (ARC) by Lauren Oliver! (Canada/US only)

A custom-made bookmark, courtesy of Joan Stradling (International)

Our fourth winner is...
Congratulations to you! You will have approximately 24 hours to pick a favorite prize from above and email me the choice at d (at) denisejaden (dot) com , along with a mailing address (if applicable). 

I'll see the rest of you back here tomorrow!


  1. Good morning! If I say this with enough enthusiasm, I'll forget it's Monday. Maybe.

    Congrats on meeting your first April goal! Mine is going to be more of "spring goals" because I'm wading through first-draft edits and it'll probably take me longer than a month. I re-read the first chapter the other day and it basically consists of:

    "I know."
    "We are boring."
    "You bet."

    Good luck to everyone!

  2. Awesome, Denise! Way to go! I spent the weekend driving 8 hours for a bunny and trying to have a little anniversary celebration with Ghost Hunk (18 years!), so the writing didn't go anywhere. But it's Monday, and off I go to tap out another 1,000 words. (I hope)

    Good luck, all!

  3. Thank you, Denise for keeping the motivation and encouragement flowing. HAPPY MONDAY! I'm trying Pickrell's enthusiasm on for size, and what do you know, it fits! May I borrow it, please!

    Congratulations Denise on getting through 78 of 80 pages! And Congratulations to J-RO for winning the drawing. Thank you Jennifer P. for the enthusiasm on a Monday morning and congrrats to you for making it through that reread and recognizing problem areas, that is often the toughest first step.

    I had an awesomely productive weekend. I got A LOT done, I mean A LOT. I am carefully trotting through my revision on my thesis, I have less than 30 pages to go at this point, and then another quick run-through on it and revisions on my critical introduction that I will turn in on Tuesday evening. I also worked with Chris to hammer out a bunch of details for our MS for Script Frenzy, we really got a lot done.

    So, off I go! Keep up the good work everyone!

  4. Yay, Denise! And we have yet another day of perfect writing weather:-)

    I'm poised for a 1,000 words today. Have been filling my creative belly with a long overdue reading binge.

    Happy to see that Jennifer, Jenn and Mary Ann are moving full speed ahead in April.

  5. Mary Ann, What kind of bunny do you have to drive 8hrs for? Actually it's funny because we bought a Giant German Angora from a lady 8hrs away. She helped get him to us though. :)

    I love seeing the different "size" goals. I'm learning that it isn't alway the word count that is most helpful although those of you cranking out words like Angelina, way to go.

    I spent some time rethinking a couple characters' motivations. I belive I've come to a place now where I can get unstuck, knowing better how they are driven. Here's to getting unstuck in April.

  6. Jessie, it's a Netherland Dwarf. We had bought one at the pet store, and it died suddenly after a month. Two key points: 1. after a couple of weeks, it was obvious that it wasn't a dwarf breed (not 100% anyway) and 2. the pet store probably sold it too early and/or got it from a mill. My daughter (and I) was heartbroken. I decided to go to a reputable breeder and the nearest one was 4 hours away. So far, so good, though. :-)

    And good luck getting unstuck!

  7. Yay Denise for 78 pages!
    Yay Ghost Girl for new Ghost bunny (errr, let's hope this one is not a ghost bunny, I guess?)
    Yay Angelina for word count!
    Yay Jessie for getting rid of stickiness!
    Yay Jenn B. for uber productiveness!
    Yay Jennifer P for enthusiasm in the face of revisions!

    Yay me for winning the drawing - Double Yay because I get a new book!

    And as for goals, I can happily announce I exceeded my goal for March and am currently at 37,934 words as of this am's writing time (I had 10K before I started March Madness). I hope to get to 55K by the end of April and finish this draft by mid-May (I think it's a 65-70K one - we'll see what develops)

    Glad I'll get to hang out with you all for the month.

  8. LOL, JRo! I'm sort of holding my breath that she doesn't become a Ghost bunny anytime soon!

    Way to go on exceeding your goal!!

  9. Hi, ooooh, congrats, everyone, on the progress all around!

    I'm psyched to be getting back to my other WIP for revisions after setting it aside last month to work on another WIP. And of course, I have a great motivation to revise, since I picked the 50-page critique as my March Madness prize. My goal is to have the first 50 done in two weeks, and 100 pages over the month. Today's been more challenging than the first days, but I'm definitely going to keep at it, and I look forward to checking in with everyone here!


  10. I think 78 out of 80 pages is a win! Congrats!

    My goal for April is to: 1) get the outline of my new WIP in solid shape -- right now it's kinda flimsy, and 2) write at least 10K of the WIP. Once I have an outline and that much written, I should be far enough into the story to really get ripping.

    Jeanne Ryan

  11. Oh Jesse & Ghost Girl, Mr. Cate would love to get a bunny, but right now, we have an old, ornery (but much loved) cat who is also a gifted ninja assasin, so no bunny for now.

    My March goal was... well... I made a lot of progress with the WIP. But every chapter revision involved revising at least two other chapters. The first half of the book is -dare I say- done. The last half needs that same careful attention. So my April goal is to finish revision chapters 12-22, and complete this book in time to start a new sumer project.

  12. Yesterday I finished my **revised** March Madness goal of revising Zooey's story. Today I'm working on REWRITES of the other half of the novel (Piper's story) and starting at the very beginning again is super not fun. Luckily, I really really love this character and hopefully I'll get into the groove of things again soon.

    My official goal is 10k words a week with the rewriting, but really I'd LOVE if I could rewrite her whole story in a week, which is more like 25k.

  13. i am still (ridiculously) waiting for feedback on my almost-ready-to-query MS - i have FIVE readers who have all had my MS for 6-8 weeks. it's 38,000 words. that's a bit excessive, right? i've nudged and gotten very friendly and apologetic assurances that they'll get to it within a couple weeks.

    so, onward. setting a goal for April should keep my mind off it. Serenissima, if you don't mind, i think i will borrow yours. getting a solid outline and first 10,000 words of a WIP sounds just about right for me!

    and yay for bunnies! i had a lop as a child. so, so sweet.

  14. My writing time today is yet to come, but man, I'm getting psyched to get lots done just by reading all your goals and progress updates. You guys rock!

    Tonight (and tomorrow) I'll be working on an outline for a new take on an old project (my WIP is on temporary hold while I wait for some feedback... I'm meeting with our Writer in Residence about it tomorrow!)

  15. Way to go everyone.

    As Jenn B. said we hammer out a lot of details for our Script Frenzy script. It's really starting to take shape. And plenty of laughs especially when someone decided that we should name one of our characters, Reason just so she could write the line, "Let's listen to Reason." Let's just say, thank goodness for writing partners. (Thanks Jenn for not laughing too hard.)

    I'm also working on my YA WIP, and possibly just had a major structure breakthrough. It changes my initial vision of the novel, but it might be what the novel needs. I need to think about it.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

  16. Ghost bunny! That cracked me up.

    I think I will set myself a word count goal next week. I love to watch all of you tick off your numbers! Way to go everyone.

  17. Big congrats, Denise, on your accomplishments in March--very inspiring! :-)

    I missed last Thurs & Fri check-in's but I had every intention of continuing on in April. The check-in process has been instrumental in reeling me back into my WIP's with which I made headway in March. For April, I plan on starting a book dummy for one WIP, rewriting another WIP and developing several new portfolio pieces (in prep for a new portfolio and website).

    Good luck with your goals, everyone! :-)