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Monday, April 25, 2011

April #wipmadness Check-In

I think this is our last Monday check-in! I won't be continuing the official check-ins here, but I do plan to keep updating once in a while on my progress. I hope you'll all continue to use the #wipmadness hashtag though, so we can keep in contact and find out how we're all doing.

As for my last week, I spent some time outlining my bright, shiny idea, and although it's really kind of a mess right now, I have found a beginning, middle, and and end for the story! I'm really happy about that, and now this week I will get back to working on my priority proposal.

How about you? How's progress? Do you think you'll meet your April goals?

If you haven't entered my Hoppy Easter Giveaway yet, it's not too late. I have another Teen Author Tuesday guest planned for tomorrow, but will be back with the giveaway prize winner on Wednesday.

Happy Monday, everybody!


  1. Thanks so much for the check-ins, it got me motivated for my marathon edits. I'm behind on goals b/c of some massive re-writes, but feeling good about the new stuff, so it all worked out.

  2. Thanks for sharing the motivation and the journey, Denise. I had a few character breakthroughs last week, though my word count wasn't what I was hoping for. But, I have some new perspective that ought to get me cranking up the WIP now. Rock on, writers!

  3. Agh - I wrote a long rambling post and the computer ate it!

    Anyway - thanks again Denise. I made goal at 55k, then lost it when I replaced the old Chapters 1 &2 with the new Chapter 1, and went back to 52.5K. I'm up to 53K as of this morning, so 500 words away from April's goals, and 6 scenes away from the finish line. Wahoo.

    Good luck with your writing everyone - see you on twitter.

  4. Thank you for keeping this going through the month of April. I'll definitely use the #wipmadness hashtag to check in with @ls_taylor.

    I don't know exactly what happened, but I feel like I burned out a bit in these past two weeks. Which I don't like. I am so nearly done and yet I'm not making progress, or progress itself is glacial at best.

    Today's post at Magical Words was a bit of a wake-up call, though, mostly because it's about submissions and I don't have anything to submit. Thankfully, I don't have to work today. I'm ready to get back to writing.

  5. Hi Denise and everyone else! Last week was all about revision and research. Today I'm diving back into the historical again. Hoping for an uninterrupted streak of drafting.

    Congrats all of you on a hard-working April. See you over at #wipmadness!

  6. Thanks for the check-ins, Denise! It's great to keep up with how everyone's doing, and it also helps keep me on track. :)

    I'm plodding along on my wip, buoyed by occasional minor epiphanies that are helping make sense of this challenging project. I've even caught fleeting glimpses of the light at the end of the tunnel. (Yahoo!) I admit it's been tough-going on this project, and I've definitely battled discouragement at times. Of course, I'm too stubborn to give up, so I'll get there eventually, lol.

    Congrats on all the progress, you guys! Keep it going! :D

  7. Thanks for the extra month of madness, Denise! I'm close to meeting my April goal of 10K plus a decent outline of my new WIP. I'm at 9.5K and have a 15-beat outline that I created after reading SAVE THE CAT.

    My hope in May is that I'll receive the editorial letter for my debut so I can get crazy with revisions.

    See y'all on #wipmadness!

  8. Congrats on meeting your April goal, Denise! And congrats to everyone on the progress. I've likewise really felt more motivated because of the checkins here and with #wipmadness. I finished my 100-page revision goal, and am still going, since my May goal is to complete this revision round on the whole ms, eep! Looking forward to seeing you all over there as we roll out of April and into May.

  9. Thanks for doing these. I feel like I got some momentum. This week my word count went backwards but I got some editing done and was able to work out some plot kinks that I'm really happy with. See you on twitter, I hope. Congrats to all for your successes.

  10. Here I sit on a Tuesday, again. I just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU to Denise for giving us the check-in location. It has been a crazy busy month. It has also been a productive and successful month.

    Cheers to you all! I'll see you over on the #wipmadness hashtag. Congrats to you all.