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Friday, April 1, 2011

MARCH MADNESS: The Prizes!!!

We made it! If you haven't done it yet, let out a little wahoo for yourselves (or a big one, or a happy dance - who cares if the neighbors are watching!) And whether you actually met your goals or not, you must celebrate, because I guarantee you got more accomplished by checking in with us than you would have on your own. I celebrated last night with some yummy homemade guacamole. So, so good!

I also noticed that many of your goals centered around working on queries or querying agents. I just wanted to add a little note here about how much I absolutely adore my agent, Michelle Humphrey at ICM. If you haven't queried here yet, and if she reps what you write, I highly recommend her. If you decide to query her, make sure to mention that you are a follower of my blog. (There's an interview HERE on the Class of 2k10 blog with her contact info and what she's looking for.)

Now, back to business. We have some truly awesome prizes up for grabs this year! Each of our check-in hosts has generously donated to this prize fest, so even if you don't win, please say thank you in the comments to Shana, Angelina, Shari, and Craig. And also to Joan for the custom-made bookmark she has donated.

Here are the prizes that are up for grabs:

A book of your choice (up to $15)  from The Book Depository! (for international winners, as long as they ship to your country)

An ARC of REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly! (US only)

A fifty-page manuscript critique! (again, open to international winners!)

A hardcover copy of RADIANT SHADOWS by Melissa Marr!(US only)

An ARC of THE EXILED QUEEN by Cinda Williams Chima (US only)

A $20 Barnes & Noble gift card! (International if you're able to use it)

A copy of DELIRIUM (ARC) by Lauren Oliver! (Canada/US only)

A custom-made bookmark, courtesy of Joan Stradling (International)

Our first winner is...(drum roll, please)...
Congratulations to you! Well-deserved!
So here's the way it will work: Our first winner will have approximately 24 hours to pick a favorite prize from above and email me the choice at d (at) denisejaden (dot) com , along with a mailing address (if applicable). Tomorrow, I'll be right back here drawing another name, and I'll draw one each day until the prizes are gone. Remember, you don't have to have completed your goal to win prizes - the prize winners will be chosen randomly from those who have checked in during the month of March. As the days go on, there will be less prizes to choose from, but if you stop by and see you've won, you will get your pick of what's left. I thought this would be better than having people possibly win prizes they didn't really want.
So come back tomorrow and find out who our next winner is! Unfortunately, I don't have time to email winners, so if you don't stop by, you might miss out. And I really, REALLY wouldn't want that! 

Thanks again, everybody, for joining in on MARCH MADNESS! I had a blast!


  1. Ooooh, wow! I can't even begin to say how excited I am!! And what fantastic prizes!! I will let you know asap, Denise! Thank you all so much for the March Madness inspiration fest!!

  2. What happened to March? I feel as if I just woke up! Seems like I missed quite a bit. Good luck to those participants!

  3. Congrats Kiperoo! I missed out on the last bit of March Checking In--so hoping to read and catch up this week end. The posts you all put up for us are so inspiring...SO....just wanted to say thanks Denise and team!

  4. Congrats!!! And THANK YOU Denise for holding this. :)

  5. Awesome prizes. You guys are so gracious.

  6. Thanks, Denise! (And I added Michelle to my agent list!)

  7. Congrats Kiperoo! And thanks again for hosting this, Denise!

  8. Thank you to all of the authors who helped make this insane month work. March was not only productive and a boon for my WIP, but it led to some self-discovery and learning some hard-but-needed lessons about balance.