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Monday, April 11, 2011

April Check-In! The Madness Continues...

How's the madness going? I've had lots of fun checking in with the #wipmadness tag over on Twitter this week. It makes me feel not-so-alone.

My deadline for my revision of the novel formerly known as APPETITE FOR BEAUTY (still no title!) is April 18th, which if you're neurotically counting as I am, is exactly one week from today. The good news is, I think I've fixed all the major problem parts. This pass is more about cutting back on inner monologue and showing things more through actions. I find it's getting easier the more I get into my girl Loann's head. Still not easy, but easier!

So that's where I'm at. I'll have to think about what my goals will be after April 18th, but for the moment, I'm just sprinting for that particular finish line. How about the rest of you? I've seen big bouts of progress (and many virtual stickers awarded) on Twitter, so I sense things are going well all around, but I can't wait to hear all the deets!


  1. Last week was a pretty decent week. I broke the 30 k barrier and had a few epiphanies, so that's all good. I'm trying to bang this thing out so I can be ready for revision. (Ha!) I'll have to check out the #wipmadness tag...I've been following #amwriting. Somehow, wip madness seems more appropriate! Good like this week!

  2. Way to go on your goals, ladies!

    I'm still slowly, but surely, plodding through revisions on my giant WIP. I've been poking at this poor thing for so many years that I decided I needed a few character name changes. So instead of killing my darlings, I replaced them.

    It's amazing what fresh perspective can do - I'm actually having a good time with the edits now!

  3. Hello all! Great progress. I am breathing and sweating a little after having turned in the first revision (yeah that's what we'll call it) of my thesis. Crossing my fingers and toes. Chris and I have been making progress on our script for Script Frenzy mainly hammering our the details. We took a break over the weekend as it was my #2 son's birthday. He had a blast. I will have to check out the twitter tags. Sounds like a lot of fun.

    Thank you again, Denise for giving us a check in here. Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

  4. I suggest after April 18 your goal is to crit my novel!!! mwuhahahaha.

    I managed to revise 4 chapters last week PLUS read through another manuscript of mine and revise one chapter there. Yay productivity!

  5. It's fun having #wipmadness on Twitter! I managed 2K+ last week thanks to WriteOrDie. Trying to get as much done on the WIP as possible while I wait for my first ever editorial letter. Large revisions loom.

  6. My decide how much I can realistically write in a week between the infant, the two toddlers and homeschooling the oldest two. Whew! I would like to have a word count goal. That's my goal!

    I need to check out twitter.

    I also have crit group tonight so I need to choose something to take.

    You gals are doing awesome!

  7. I spent the weekend digesting the excellent feedback I received on my WIP last week (I met with our local Writer in Residence, and also got notes from my crit partner). I also read a great blog post about digging deep in pursuit of your vision for your story, which was just the inspiration/encouragement I needed (because this WIP is trying to kill me, lol). So, I begin this week feeling hopeful and excited. :)

    So great to keep up with everyone's progress here and on twitter!

    Good luck pushing through those revisions, Denise!

  8. Yay! Sounds like lots of progress. I received revision notes from my agent last week, so I worked on those plus I inched forward at a slug's pace on the historical YA. Did quite a bit of research over the weekend. Getting ready for the 20th Annual Western Washington SCBWI Conference this weekend. And I've been on a reading binge.

    Best wishes for all the revision going on out there!

  9. hi everyone! i FINALLY got some feedback on my MS (only on the first half, because my writer friends are apparently trying to torture me slowly), but it was very helpful. maybe someday i'll get feedback on the whole thing. but this last week i started really focusing on my shiny new idea, which i'm about to start actually drafting, and i'm excited about it.

  10. * Wow, looks like everyone's on a roll! I'm still slogging on with my WIP revisions and have gotten over a few hurdles with character developments. Hope to make more progress this week by upping my word count. Good luck to everyone for a productive week!

  11. #wipmadness. I will have to check that out.

    For some reason, it looks like my comment didn't register last week ... and this week I am just getting myself sorted out. Sorry for the late check-in.

    Last week I was one of five winners to an SF microfiction contest, which was good for keeping my personal spirits up.

    This week, I am finally winding my WIP to a close ... or at least much more of one than I managed in March. I am writing the story's climax now. I have already put my foot in my mouth when talking about climaxes once. *sigh*