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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Would You Rather Wednesday - Characters

I just finished up a revision, and so I'm doing what I often do during mini-breaks between revisions: letting my mind dwell on the characterization of my characters. What's working, what's not. What kind of strange or offensive or unlikable qualities I've unknowingly woven into my manuscript.

So this week I thought I'd focus my WYR questions on characters. No rules here, except you must pick one or the other, even if your answer lies somewhere in between.

1. Would you rather read about a character who is too perfect or too flawed?

2. Would you rather read about a character who is too brash or too nice?

3. Would you rather read about a character who is smart and knows it or who is dumb and doesn't know it?

Have fun! And feel free to give examples if they come to you off the top of your head. I'll be back with my answers soon...


  1. 1. too flawed
    2. too brash
    3. dumb and doesn't know it


  2. Personally, I prefer flawed and nice. Question #3 is a little tricky; I don't like smug, smarty-pants characters but I don't like characters that are so dumb they don't know they're dumb, either. If I have to pick, I'll go with smart characters (unless a humor book)

    The Pedestrian Writer

  3. Well, it seems we all want our characters to be very flawed (it's more fun to read about, isn't it?).

    I'd prefer too brash over too nice. Too nice would aggravate me, I think.

    I think I'd rather read about a smart character than a dumb one. I think of Hazel in THE FAULT IN OUR STARS or Kate from CATALYST. Although I also really loved DJ from DAIRY QUEEN. Though I guess she did kind of know she wasn't the brightest light in the string. Of course she was smarter than she gave herself credit for. This was definitely the hardest question, but I think I'd still say smarter.

  4. I prefer flawed because we all have them!
    I don't like too nice because it can be sickening, so I prefer a little brash.
    I think dumb and doesn't know because if done correctly can make you laugh!