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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Calling Team Faith...

Three weeks until LOSING FAITH hits the shelves!

I've always wondered how debut authors manage to assemble "street teams"-- a team of people who will get out there and promote their books--before their novels have even hit the shelves. Maybe it's because a certain amount of online hype surrounded the book, maybe they were lucky enough to get their hands on an advance copy of the book so they've already had time to read and love it. But I think in many cases, people join street teams to promote books

Which got me to thinking...

Faith is believing and hoping for something you cannot yet see in the natural realm. So this is my proposal to you: what better book to have faith for the success of than LOSING FAITH?!

Did that sell you on the idea? Well, if not, never fear. There is something in it for you!

Starting today, I want to blitz the world with my beautiful new bookmarks:

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