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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Winner of the FORGE ARC!

Okay, so I asked for a hundred and one reasons that we all love Laurie Halse Anderson, but we actually topped that number out at 124!!!

And they are NOT generic or repetitive reasons! I so enjoyed reading your responses, and was reminded of how much Laurie is doing for libraries, how fun it is to read about her chickens, how much she allows readers into her life, and encourages readers and writers alike. It's so wonderful to remember that a person can be so talented AND so nice! I'm glad we could give her a little something back by telling her all the things we love about her and her books.

So out of the 124 entries, unfortunately, I could only choose one, as I only have one advance copy of FORGE. The winner is...


Since you entered via Twitter, I will try to contact you that way. If you see this message first, please email me your mailing address to d (at)denisejaden (dot) com.

Thanks and congratulations!


  1. Thank you, Denise and Laurie, for the great giveaway. I can't wait to read FORGE!

  2. Congrats!! And wow, lots of love for Laurie. that's wonderful. I've read two of her good...need to read more.