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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Food of Festivities!

As you probably know if you've visited my blog in the past few months, my book launch is approaching quickly. There are many things to prepare, of course, but one of the big things I absolutely do not want to forget is the food! I think it's important to celebrate big occasions with extra-special food, and so I'm starting to compile my shopping list so I'm all ready for September the 7th!'s no fun to celebrate alone.

Will you join me in celebrating? I mean, really join me. Like go out and pick your favorite food or drink and have it all ready in the fridge or cupboard for September 7th, when you'll crack it open with me?

I really hope you will. Seriously, even if you don't plan on buying or reading my book, if you'd take the time to celebrate this huge moment in my life with me, it would really mean a lot. (Okay, that was totally not meant to sound all "woe is me" - I do have family and friends who will celebrate with me in person...but I just consider my online community my friends too, and I want you to be part of the celebration!)

So as I said, I'm starting my shopping list, and I hope you can help me add to it. I still have a couple of weeks to shop. Tell me in the comments what YOU plan to have on September 7th, and if it sounds especially appetizing to me too, maybe I'll add it to my list. Or if you want to choose a few things from MY list, it'll be almost like we're celebrating together. Okay, not quite, but still...

Celebratory Food List:

1. The Drink: Barefoot Moscato white wine

2. Coconut M&M's (Thanks Tami K. and Jenn H. for the tip on these! Apparently you can buy these at Walgreen's, in a white package, but I haven't been able to find any ANYWHERE. If anyone can help scout for these, and let me know where you find them, I'd really appreciate it!)

3. Feta stuffed jalapeno peppers

4. Milsean demmerra butter crunch (a local specialty, you can probably only get if you're from the Vancouver area).

5. Lindt 70% cocoa bar

 Okay, what else? I'm thinking of some Kettle Chips, but still deciding on a flavor.

I need some more of your your favorite tasty treat ideas. And let me know what you will be indulging in for the celebration!


  1. Sure, I'll toast you with some Barefoot Moscato on your special day. After I've bought your book!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! Though your comment makes me think that my post may sound very self-centered - I hope not! I guess I'm just hoping that people may be looking for a reason to eat or drink something tasty - and isn't this as good of reason as any?

  3. I always think chinese food for celebration. I know, it's weird, but I LOVE it. I didn't know they even HAD coconut m&m's. But let's see...I'd love to toast your book with a nice smoothie! Mmm mmm And I can't forget some chocolate chip cookies.


  4. will deff be toasting you on ur big day icant wait for ur book sounds awesome congrats hun

  5. I've been craving some gumbo for a couple of weeks now but have been too lazy to make it. Celebratory gumbo it is! As for my beverage, well, I won't corrupt any of your younger readers...