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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Four

1. A little over three weeks until LOSING FAITH releases. (If you haven't gotten the countdown widget yet, it's in the right sidebar of my Blogger blog.) I'm filled with excitement and terror, thanks for asking.

2. Weirdest. Dream. Ever. Last night I dreamed that I was auditioning for a magic show in front of a hundred people by singing a song about the size of my boobs. I think this is reflective of my fear of having my worst faults (I'm talking about my singing voice - I've made peace with my small chest) displayed in front of critics for their judgmental enjoyment. Probably has nothing to do with my book coming out.

3. You know that period-between-each-word-for-emphasis thing like I've done at the beginning of point #2? I've seen it in almost every book I've read recently, and I'm getting a little sick of it. Anybody with me? (BTW, I've probably done it in all my books to date as well, so this is NOT a slam on other authors or their writing. But it seems like a device that's getting overused, so if I continue to do it? Somebody slap me.)

4. My most exciting news of the week is that I'm on submission again! My book 2 (which actually IS my 2nd book - Losing Faith was my 4th) has gone out to my amazingly talented and insightful editor (do you think sending some yummy cookies AS WELL as talking up her best qualities all over the internet would be taken as a bribe?). I don't expect to be getting much sleep this month, but my agent has been doing a formidable job of talking me down from the ledge. I need some more vitamin B.

5. Okay, I lied. I have 5 this week. In my hometown they're having one of the largest international airshows in the world this weekend. You have to practically sell your car to attend because it's so expensive, but I plan to watch it from a friend's house who lives nearby. With jets roaring over your head every five minutes, you might as well find somewhere to watch it, right? Somewhere to sip fruity drinks in the sun with friends...ahhhh.

Happy weekend everyone! What are you all up to?


  1. Book 2 out on subs? And I've nothing????

  2. congrats on being on submission again! best of luck!

  3. How exciting--for your book and your book on submission!

    No real plans for me this weekend--probably just beaching it with the family.

  4. Congrats with being on sub with #2! Good luck, Denise! :)