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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Would You Rather Wednesday

This has been a busy, but productive, week for me. I'm finally making some progress on getting the details of my launch party together, which I'm thrilled about. But I am a bit short on time. So today I'm throwing out three very quick Would You Rather Questions, and I'm hoping you'll have time to give me three very quick answers.

So...The first thing that comes to your mind...

All things being equal, and if all of the following were quality and engaging writing...Would You Rather read a book with...

1. a male protagonist or a female protagonist?

2. an under 18 year old protagonist or an over 18 year old protagonist?

3. A real-world setting or an other-world setting?

I'll be back with my answers later. Ready, set, GO!


  1. What hard questions. Beside loving to read from a Hero's POV (probably because I'm a girl and am used to a girl's POV), it really doesn't matter to me which way I got on all these answers.

    I like YA romance just as much as I like adult. But if it's YA, I don't really want to see too much x-rated stuff. If it's adult, I BETTER read about some sexy half-naked men.

    If the other-world is written good enough, I can like it just as much as I like a real-world setting, so I'm totally split down the middle there too.

    Sorry my answers weren't short. Thanks for a thought-provoking morning though!

  2. 1. I love both!

    2. Hmm...under 18. I love YA too much :)

    3. Other-world settings are always neat, if done right.

  3. I prefer to read novels with a female protagonist under the age of 18 in a real-world setting. Mostly because those are the kinds of books I write. But of course I'll read just about anything :)

  4. 1) female
    2) either age--but I guess I DO read more over 18 y/o characters
    3) real world setting

  5. 1. Male

    2. either, I read both. More YA (so usually under 18) but I'd love college-age books that are totally smutty. :)

    3. real world.


  6. My picks are:

    1. Female
    2. Under 18
    3. Other world setting

  7. I really only have a preference for #3: real world! For #1 and #2 it really just depends what I've read lately. I like to mix things up.

  8. Eeep! forgot to check-in with my own answers yesterday. But I bet most of you can guess...

    under 18
    real world

    but that's just me...