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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GCC Presents Lucienne Diver!

I'm busy tabulating - Wow, what a lot of entries and support I had for the blog tour! Thank you all SO MUCH!

In the meantime, while you wait for the announcement of the prizes, I wanted to share a little of my own news...

I've been invited to join the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit! If you haven't heard about this group, let me tell you a little bit about it. The group is made up of some pretty amazing authors, including the awesome Eileen Cook who recommended me to the group. It's all women (if you couldn't tell!) who are supporting each others books through their blogs. If you keep an eye on my blog and watch for the "GCC" tag, you'll see me feature all of the awesome members over the course of the next year!

Today I'd like to start with Lucienne Diver. Because I'm jumping in with both feet into GCC, I did not get a chance to do an interview with Lucienne, but I did want to tell you a bit about her and her book, because it sounds really great!

Lucienne Diver is a writer by night and literary agent by day.

About the book:

In Vamped, Gina and her minions defeated a vampire vixen, a psycho-psychic and the vampire council of Mozulla, Ohio.  Gina was all ready to expose vampires to the world in all their fanged fabulosity…until the Feds arrived to sweep everything under the rug and make them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

In ReVamped, Gina and her boyfriend Bobby are sent undercover to infiltrate a New York high school where some seriously weird stuff is going down.  Worse than that, Gina’s new super-secret identity is as goth-girl Geneva Belfry.  No color palette to speak of.  More chains than a bike rack.  And don't even get her started on the shoes.  At least she won’t be too worried about blood spatter when kicking the butt of her newest nemesis, who’s decided that the high school makes a perfect playground.

 Rave Reviews:

“This is a witty vampire romance/adventure with plenty of heart and action.  Diver has written a supernatural sequel to Vamped (Flux, 2009/VOYA August 2009) that will attract even reluctant readers.  It is filled with wry twists, such as the difficulties of trying to apply mascara when, as  vampire, you don’t have any reflection in the mirror, as well as the typical agonies of being young and trying to fit in.”   —VOYA

“Gina, the 17-year-old fashionista of the undead, is back and as sassy as ever (Vamped, 2009). Thoroughly enjoyable, this sequel is a light, fizzy read… listening in on Gina’s thoughts and quick-witted dialogue is what makes this such a treat.” —Kirkus Reviews

ReVamped is out this month from Flux! Congratulations, Lucienne!


  1. Congratulations Lucienne! Hope it all goes well for your book.

    Thanks for posting the information Denise. It's always good to know what to look forwad when finishing a book. :)

  2. I need to check out Vamped and then Re-Vamped. :) Sounds fun.
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  3. Very cool that you've joined the GCC! I'll look forward to the posts.

    Congratulations to Lucienne! ReVamped sounds like a fun read. :)