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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spread The Faith on Day 7: Launch Day!!!

The Online Party - I've been hearing some comments that the online party/blog tour is slightly confusing, so I thought I'd start each day from here on in with a mini-explanation. As you know, I'm celebrating the release of Losing Faith. Several blog owners are helping me celebrate by featuring me and/or my book on their blog between September 1-14. To encourage you to visit these blogs, I've tried first of all to make all the blog posts very fun and different, and secondly, I'm giving away three Grand Prizes (you can see the details of these on Day 1) All you have to do to enter to win these fabulous prizes is drop by the blogs (linked under "BLOG TOUR" below) and leave a quick comment on each of the blogs.  You get a separate entry for every blog you comment on, and you have until September 14th to comment on ANY of the blogs in the tour (so feel free to go back to Day 1 and comment right now!)

Besides the blog tour, I'm also having fun "Party Games" here each day, which can earn you extra entries for the Grand Prizes. Read on to find out about today's shenanigans...

I’m officially dubbing it “FAITH DAY!”

Ready, on the count of three, let’s all sing Happy Birthday to LOSING FAITH, as today is the day this book-baby is officially being delivered into the world!  One, two, THREE!

...You didn’t sing, did you? Okay, I understand, and yeah, I feel a little stupid, singing all by myself. But I feel so many other things too. Proud, of course, but also incredibly humbled. People are actually reading my book--my little book--and talking about it. It's completely surreal. I’m sure there will be many ups and downs in my future, even just with this one book, but today is a day for celebration. If you stocked up on yummy treats, please indulge with me!

Today I have a very special assignment for you, and yes, all of it will earn you extra entries for the Grand Prizes.

Blog or tweet your hopeful/faithful message with the hashtag #losingfaithbook (if it’s a blog post, make sure to drop by and tell me about it, so I can visit and add to your entries. If it’s on twitter, I’ll see it if you include the hashtag). I want to hear the message that YOU would want to hear if you were feeling down and lacking in hope for your future. It doesn't have to be anything grandiose, but just find some way to spread a little hope in the world today.

There are lots of great blogs to visit on the tour today! I know you all have lives, really I do, but take half an hour, celebrate with my friends around the Blogosphere. I promise, you won't regret it!

BLOG TOUR – Interview at  - The Nine Spot – nine quick questions, nine quick answers. Do you think I prefer happy endings?

BLOG TOUR –My Launch Post is up at . My journey into loss of faith and back again. (p.s. There are some extra-awesome prizes to be won here!)

BLOG TOUR – Interview – I had a great time doing a back and forth discussion for this interview (even though I STILL don’t know Authoress’s real first name!) Come and be a fly on the wall for our discussion!

BLOG TOUR – Faith Day challenge on It’s FAITH DAY at The Tenners too! Drop by and find out how you can spread the faith AND win some Awesome Tenner Books.

BLOG TOUR – Don’t forget to stop by to read their Sensational Seven Q&A with yours truly. Find out who I think should play ME in a movie about my life – LOL!

And a couple more things that are not offiicially on the tour (but are still lots of fun!):

Over on The Contemps website, we're having a discussion on Hot Topic Tuesday on Religion in YA! Be sure and stop by to add your thoughts!

And over at Tina's Book Reviews, there's another great review of Losing Faith!

I'm also being featured with an interview on AuthorsNow! today. (Tip - if you haven't picked up your copy yet, this one includes a giveaway of Losing Faith as well!)

Lots of blog-traveling to do today! But above all, have fun. Remember, that's what a party is all about, and I don't want to see any wallflowers sulking in the corners out there! Join the conversation here, around the blogosphere, or on Twitter. Party favors will be flying...


  1. Congrats, Denise.

    I'm going to be getting it once it hits the stores. Though it'll be a few weeks before I'll be able to read it. It's one of 14 in my physical TRB pile. :)

  2. HAPPY RELEASE DAY, DENISE!!! :D This is as much as exciting for you as it is for all of us readers. :)

    Losing Faith is here to stay! :)

  3. YAY! Congrats--happy release day :D

  4. Congrats on your release!!!! You and your book are everywhere on the blogosphere today. YAY!

    And thanks for the inspiring question. Here is my answer.

  5. Happy Release Day!!!! =)

    *cue the confetti, balloons and cake*

  6. WOOT! It's here! Congrats again, Woman!

  7. Happy Release Day!

    I'm still waiting on my copy to get here...*sigh* crazy bookstores.


  8. Happy Release Day!

    I'm still waiting on my copy to get here...*sigh* crazy bookstores.


  9. Late but HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY! :) I hope it was great!