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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Party Wrap-up on Day 14: The Tour. The Party.

Thanks so much for joining in on my celebration, everybody! Today is the last day of the official party, and I'll be fervently writing down all the entries and throwing them into a hat to find our winners. I'll start announcing the winners of the grand prizes by Friday between 8 - 9 AM (PST)! You'll want to stop by and see if you're one of the winners as soon as you can after that time, as the first winner to contact me with their choice of the gift packs will get their first choice!

Okay, one last party game...

And this one is a lot of fun. I have many secrets hidden around my website. To find them, all you need to do is mouse over any of my website pages at until you see this icon:

Click on it and you *should* find something very interesting! Come back here and tell me what you found in the comments for a final entry into the grand prize contest (please don't share *where* you found the clue, as this has to be just as hard for everybody). Remember, you only have until midnight tonight (PST) for this one and if you find more than one sekrit, you'll get more than one entry! Have fun!

You also have two more (easy) chances to comment on a couple more blogs and enter to win the fabulous Grand Prizes...

BLOG TOUR – Interview with the awesomely fun and funny, Eileen Cook at  Stop by and find out how I would have described myself as a teen!

BLOG TOUR – A very special Editor Interview with Anica Mrose Rissi from Simon Pulse at This is my fabulous editor who edited Losing Faith! Drop by to find out what drew her to Losing Faith, as well as some of Anica's grammar and writing pet peeves!

Thanks again, everyone, for making this party so much fun! I had a blast! Did you?


  1. Loved the sekrit-hunting -- fun! I found lots of good stuff:
    - your "writing LOSING FAITH" sekrit
    - interview with Brie
    - all your curly-haired characters
    - Alis' character

    I'm tempted to look for more, but gotta get offline and go to the gym before work. ;)

    Thanks for the fun launch party!!

  2. Oh! I just found your original first page! :) Okay, reeeally should get going to the gym now....

  3. And the party is almost over. :( I'll miss it, it was lots of fun! :D

    Okay, so for today's task.....*searchs* *keeps shearching* *search's getting tough* * it!*

    I found one "Top Secret" icon in the interview with Brie. :)

    Then there is the first draft of your novel. :D

    I'm gonna keep searching. I know there are more, I just have to keep searching.

    Thank you so much for this tour party. It's been fun and very interesting to read what you shared with everybody, from the books you read 'til what made you write Losing Faith. Have a good day! :)

  4. The Cave
    - Sekrit: writing Losing Faith...
    - Character Interview: Brie
    - Character Interview: Tessa
    - Sekrit: Deleted Scene

  5. Found more -

    Sekrit: Curly Hair
    Character Development: Alis

  6. Hahaha this is kinda fun, although I've been sitting here for quite a few moments attempting to find everything...

    I found:

    -Character Interview: Tessa
    -Sneak Peak sekrit!
    -'Writing Losing Faith' sekrit.
    -Curly Hair sekrit
    -Character Interview: Brie sekrit
    -First Page - Losing Faith sekrit
    -Character Development Alis sekrit

    -And the Deleted Scene sekrit

    There sooo much fun to read ! Awesomeeee! You know, I definitely think you're one of the coolest authors ever :)


  7. I'm glad you all found some fun stuff! And Alison, your comment totally made me smile :-)

  8. I'm back! And yay, I found the interview with Tessa and the deleted scene. (I love the pics you found for Brie, Alis, and Tessa!)

    Great party game, Denise! :)

  9. Awe Denise ! I'm glad I made you smile :) Haha re reading my comment, I so realized I misspelled words :P But yeah! You really are a cool author. I've been able to find out so many things on you, and it's been fun! You're a dancer! So coool!

    I've also done Nanowrimo. Yeah, I know authors have actually started their books through Nanowrimo, but I've never read anything where an author came out and told us about his/her experience. So thank you! You encourage me to want to attempt it again :)