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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spot Losing Faith in the Wild on Day 11: The Tour. The Party.

The Online Party - I've been hearing some comments that the online party/blog tour is slightly confusing, so I thought I'd start each day from here on in with a mini-explanation. As you know, I'm celebrating the release of Losing Faith. Several blog owners are helping me celebrate by featuring me and/or my book on their blog between September 1-14. To encourage you to visit these blogs, I've tried first of all to make all the blog posts very fun and different, and secondly, I'm giving away three Grand Prizes (you can see the details of these on Day 1) All you have to do to enter to win these fabulous prizes is drop by the blogs (linked under "BLOG TOUR" below) and leave a quick comment on each of the blogs.  You get a separate entry for every blog you comment on, and you have until September 14th to comment on ANY of the blogs in the tour (so feel free to go back to Day 1 and comment right now!)

Besides the blog tour, I'm also having fun "Party Games" here each day, which can earn you extra entries for the Grand Prizes. Read on to find out about today's shenanigans...

Today's party game - Spot Losing Faith out in the wild at a local bookstore or library (or even on your own bookshelf!) Take a picture of it so I can see what it's shelved beside, and post it somewhere online (Facebook, blog, Twitter). Make sure to come back and share the link, so I can count another entry for you toward the grand prizes! (Remember, you have until Sept. 14th to do this!)

And today's awesome stop on the blog tour... (it looks like the blog tour post has not gone up yet today, but I've also added a review below - feel free to leave your comments there or here for an entry today!)

BLOG TOUR - - Shooting Stars blog wants me to wish upon a shooting star! Okay, let me think...

And just for fun, here's another great review of Losing Faith over at Amy Reads! Thanks, Amy!

Only three days left! If you have any party snacks left, I guess now would be the time to finish 'em up!


  1. Oh, here in Spain they don't sell Losing Faith. But I'm crossing my fingers one day they will. :)

    Anyway, since I can't take the picture I sure can promote the book around, like in facebook. :D

    Here's the link:!/profile.php?id=701066920&v=wall&story_fbid=117588184963130&ref=mf

  2. the post is up now, sorry about that! eek! And I havent' seen it in the wild yet but I'm looking. :)

    My copy has yet to come either. I pre-ordered it but I guess it's just being slowww.


  3. I haven't gone to the bookstore recently (I will soon!) but every time I see the banner across the top of I think of your cover. :)

  4. I'm going to Chapters tomorrow specifically to search it out!

  5. LOSING FAITH on my shelf: :)

  6. @Minamo: maybe check with Book Depository? If it ships to Spain you can get free shipping!

    ;-; my camera is broke and my phone's is jacked up so i have no way to prove I saw it. But its all right! I recc'ed it to a couple of young girls standing by the display...and then gave them this blog addy to join the fun XD I may have been too excitable.

  7. Thank you for the link to my review Denise! And again, loved the book :)